Other FSU in the Champions League

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    TORPEDO Member

    Sep 19, 1999
    Za nakryityim stolom
    Arsenal FC
    Nat'l Team:
    TRANSLATION from FM'ese:

    "I scratch me bollocks unt lick me finger
    In Framingham dere ain't humdinger
    Slinging fries unt flies jes to git paid
    So by a fat trucker I could git laid."
  2. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    I think FM's Aphasia is becoming actue...
  3. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    Qualifying Round 3 - 1st leg:

    Rapid Vienna [AUT] 1-1 Lokomotiv Moskva [RUS]
    [Valachovic 75; Samedov 10]
    [Sent off = Bickey (L) 74]

    Shakhtar Donetsk [UKR] 0-2 Inter Milan [ITA]
    [Martins 67, Adriano 78]


    Anorthosis Famagusta [CYP] 1-2 Rangers [SCO]
    [Frusos 73; Novo 65, Ricksen 70]

    Wisla Krakow [POL] 3-1 Panathinaikos [GRE]
    [Brozek 12, Uche 52, Frankowski 70; Olisadebe 4]

    Valarenga Oslo [NOR] 1-0 Club Brugge [BEL]
    [Iversen 57]

    Everton [ENG] 1-2 Villarreal [ESP]
    [Beattie 42; Figueroa 27, Josico 45]

    Manchester United [ENG] 3-0 Debrecen [HUN]
    [Rooney 7, van Nistelrooy 49, Ronaldo 63]

    Real Betis [ESP] 1-0 Monaco [FRA]
    [Edu 90]

    Malmo FF [SWE] 0-1 Thun [SUI]
    [Pimenta 34]

    Brondby [SWE] 2-2 Ajax [NED]
    [Skoubo 34, Retov 90; Rosenborg 31, Babel 74]

    Artmedia Bratislava [SVK] 0-0 Partizan Belgrade [SGC]

    Steaua Bucharest [ROM] 1-1 Rosenborg [NOR]
    [Iacob 30; Helstad 85]

    Anderlecht [BEL] 2-1 Slavia Prague [CZE]
    [Goor 8, Mbo Mpenza 38; Jarolim 20]

    Basel [SUI] 2-1 Werder Bremen [GER]
    [Degen 27, Rossi 52; Klose 73]

    CSKA Sofia [BUL] 1-3 Liverpool [ENG]
    [Dmitirov 45; Cisse 25, Morientes 31, 58]

    Sporting Lisbon [PRT] 0-1 Udinese [ITA]
    [Iaquinta 29 (pen)]
  4. Forza Moskva

    Forza Moskva New Member

    Sep 20, 2004
    Mila Kunis' Crib
    wow that was almost funny. d1ck ride torpedo more please. last time i checked grown men think with their own pen1s
  5. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    Hmmm. Indeed they do. How you should know of such things is surely beyond the limitations of your timid muliebrity...?

    Maybe, you crave the phallic image too much dear Forza. Maybe one day some guy will take pity on your uninviting yet seemingly pugnacious charms in a night-club and penetrate you one day. I'm sure you would love that.

    Maybe that would get rid of all this irascible aggression you have.

    Hell, you may even develop some witticism. But we love in hope.

    Please don't even test me you negligible piece of scrotum hair. Especially with something that could have been written by a child with the mental capacity of a geratic hamster. Now please go away and come back to these boards when you have grown enough pubic hair and some developed some shreds of that taint called 'adulthood' too. You can't seemingly hold a rational, intelligent or orderly adult converstaion without the use of childlike rhetoric and playground banter.

    Please, you have not made me laugh, or indeed anyone else on these boards for a while. So drop the tough-guy act. It doesn't work. You aren't tough, you aren't intelligent and nor are you sane enough to post on a message board without that spark-fuse going off your head when someone has a pop at your tactile inner-shell that no doubt houses some form of secret shame.

    But no. I'm worried I really think you have done some damage to that pea-sized, pre-school, estrous little home you call 'Mr Brain'. Take your servile aspehic ravegened 'Mr Brain' back to that dingy and dank-filled bus-station you call home and use the very few brain cells you have left, to shout obscenties at passing businessmen, whilst whistling for change.

    At least Torp can use a little bit of intelligence and sarcasm to mock me. When you insult me, its like watching a little rat trying to bite the head off a giraffe.

    Quite frankly you are embarrasing yourself.

    Develop a bold and enlightning sense of humour or fvck off...
  6. Forza Moskva

    Forza Moskva New Member

    Sep 20, 2004
    Mila Kunis' Crib
    Yea if that's 1000 words, then it's 998 too many, not gonna read that, and you're rabid homosexuality needs to be put to the ignore list.

    half of two.
  7. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    Shame really. I understand that reading is a big task for you in your mental state...

    Maybe the nurse will help you, when she comes round later? Maybe she can check your cervix whilst she's at it too.

    And hey, seeing as I'm giving advice - maybe you can finally ditch that job in Wendy's and get yourself a decent job where you can finally understand those big and challenging words I put...

    You know; 'like', 'and', 'the'. Those difficult words. yeah, I know. 3 more. Its those precious brain cells wasted...

    And besides you aren't going to put me on your ignore list. I told you, your little aspehic damaged brain won't let you. Your self-erroneously high ego won't let you. It craves the need to feel like the hard-man that you think you are. You need it and it needs you.

    But hey whatever makes you forget about your inner turmoil and flawed character is fine with me.

    But you want to see what I say about you....You want to gasp with sheer disbelief and startled confoundment and then write some more pre-pubesent whines about how gay I am....

    Oh dear....

    Homosexuality? Hit me where it hurts. My sexuality. Ouch.

    How original.

    What next? My mamma so fat jokes?

    Oh damn, so many words...

    Oh well, sorry Forza. Looks as if the lesson is over for today. Ask your teacher in school tomorrow when you move onto semantics. I'm sure she won't go over the word limit for you. ;)
  8. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    Ah.... Here we go.


    Don't worry its on me... ;)
  9. Forza Moskva

    Forza Moskva New Member

    Sep 20, 2004
    Mila Kunis' Crib
    And I don't care if Zenit gives me a yellow card, even though I've been in ganu's mouth for more than I should've been, dude can't make a post without mentioning me. I must be you're role model or somethin. Whatever, I can go to sleep knowing I can beat the living sh1t out of you. I'm willing to bet everything I have that you look like an albino version of curious george, and there aint no cure for you dog.
  10. yasik19

    yasik19 Moderator
    Staff Member

    Oct 21, 2004
    Daly City
    I know what you mean, but I don't think Boro is as bad as you make it out to be. Last time they played, it was a 1-1 draw, so you never know. You still got Southgate, JFH, Mendieta (hopefully he will be healthy), Morrison, and Viduka. They are not so bad now, are they? Anyways, we'll see in a few days.

    TORPEDO Member

    Sep 19, 1999
    Za nakryityim stolom
    Arsenal FC
    Nat'l Team:
    So how about dem Rangers?
  12. Russian Scouser

    Russian Scouser Red Card

    Nov 17, 2004
    that Lundun
    (sticks up five fingers at the hohol-kisser)
    I do not expect us to win. It seems whenever we go to Boro, we're hell-bent on producing poor performances.
  13. Russian Scouser

    Russian Scouser Red Card

    Nov 17, 2004
    that Lundun

    Nice one for the pub guide.
    It seems we're both not very optimistic over the outcome of the match - we'll see whose pessimism prevails. Maybe, just maybe, my lucky Fenerbahce shirt can swing it our way... on the other hand, Fenerbahce don't travel well in Europe. :)
  14. Russian Scouser

    Russian Scouser Red Card

    Nov 17, 2004
    that Lundun
    "Your", it's f8cking "your", you Swiss-loving imbecile... :)
  15. Russian Scouser

    Russian Scouser Red Card

    Nov 17, 2004
    that Lundun
    QPR? Well, when they went to Hull City on the openin day of the season, the local fans' repertoire included the following:
    1. "Town full of bombers"
    2. "... not enough dead..."
  16. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004

    Odd. You call me dick-riding Torpedo.

    Nope. I just happen to agree with him, and if you kept your eyes open you will see that me and him often disagree...

    Iirc, you created a nice little kiss-ass thread for Shurik. lmao. You have no right to call me a kiss-ass, you idiot.

    Role model? Since when do I mention you in every post? Please point them out. I mention 18th Century China more than I do you. Strange. I can fully understand that your aspehic ravegened brain often causes you to have delusions of grandure.

    Forza, first you craved Shurik's phallus and now mine. I mean, I appreciate the offer, but I'm not that way inclined. I can see you are in need of some relationship and penetration - but you're not going to find it here by acting like some 5 dollar hooker.

    And no dear Forza you have not beat the living sh!t out of me. Remember that little post I made in the Cup thread? Remember it? I can. Shame you can't. Because that smacked a little of realism didn't it? Pointed out some flaws in your little game that one didn't it?

    Don't speak to me, about owning, or beating the sh!t out of someone, you are in no mental or social position on these boards to act like the tough-guy. I told you, everyone here thinks you are a twat.

    But please continue living this charade you live in, and if that means you have whipped my arse by using homosexual jokes, then go right ahead. I won't deny someone with a mental illness the right to feel some form of happiness. I can see that you need it.

    Albino? Hmmm. Can't say I have white hair or pink-eyes. Brown and Blue last time I looked. What if I am a *smirk* Albino version of Curious George? lol. Just another Albino Curious George pointed out some flaws and showing up a twat of a negligible piece of scrotum hair over and over again.

    I've had far worse directed at me, and you wouldn't be the first. In fact, your 'attempts' are fairly pathetic. There are tons of ammuntion there, and you are just wasting it...

    Shame really.

    No how about calming the fvck down, developing a sense of humour and stop calling everyone a twat, when you get sand in that vagina.

    Trust me.

    Take everything with a pinch of salt.
  17. BuRaK

    BuRaK New Member

    Jul 15, 2005
    I don't know we need another thread for this year, but let me update today's games and results

    16:00 FT Pyunik (Armenia) 0 : 0 Sherif (Moldova)
    17:00 HT Sioni (Georgia) 0 : 0 FK Baku (Azerbaijan)
    17:00 HT TVMK Tallinn (Estonia) 0 : 1 FH Hafnarfjordur (Iceland)
    17:30 25' Elbasani (Albania) 0 : 0 Ekranas (Lithuania)
    18:30 Birkirkara FC (Malta) - : - B36 Torshavn (Faroe Islandes)
    19:00 Dudelange (Luxembourg) - : - Rabotnicki (Rep. of Macedonia)
    19:00 Linfield FC (Northern Ireland) - : - Gorica (Slovenia)
  18. goliath74

    goliath74 Member

    May 24, 2006
    Hollywood, FL, United States
    FC Dynamo Kyiv
    Nat'l Team:
    FT Pyunik Yerevan (Arm) 0 - 0 FC Sheriff
    FT Sioni Bolnisi 2 - 0 FK Baku
    FT TVMK Tallinn 2 - 3 Hafnarfjordur (Ice)
    FT Elbasani 1 - 0 Ekranas
  19. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    Hahaha, wow - almost a year ago. And I still haven't changed.

    Me and forza duking it out back in the forum crusades of 2005. Ahhhhh memories.
  20. Forza Moskva

    Forza Moskva New Member

    Sep 20, 2004
    Mila Kunis' Crib
    the good old days.

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