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Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by Rev-eler, Oct 29, 2003.

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    If one was to make a list of the Top 3, 5, 10 or whatever list of people involved in the revs' organization over their history....what would it look like?

    Trying to think of the right way to approach this.

    Maybe, if you had to make a "draft" today and build a revs organization given everyone that's ever been in the revs system (player/personnel/management)....who would would be your top ?? list.

    If you made a top 5, could it have 2 of the same position?
    (let's leave kraft out of this....we already know what he does for the cause...take that any way you want)

    Maybe its a "most influential" list
    (i suppose that could be good and/or bad)

    I've only been around since 1999...but here goes.
    Take it for what its worth.

    1. Brian O'Donovan
    2. Steve Nicol
    3. Steve Ralston
    4. Chrono
    5. Taylor

    i had to put chrono on there because he was a revs ironman and the numbers don't lie...when he was healthy and out there, the revs scored far more and gave up less than when he wasn't.

    I seriously considered alexi as well. regardless of what many say about his "skill"...he was "the" face that brought them into the joint in the early years.
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    Generating a buzz Player wise:

    1) Joe-Max Moore
    2) Taylor Twellman
    3) Alexi Lalas
    4) Walter Zenga
    5) Cate

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