Opinions! My Training Boots!

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Which boots!

  1. Mercurial indoor

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  2. Diadora cleats

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    Jul 12, 2018
    Hey guys, brand new here and looking for some opinions. I’ve recently started playing again as part of my weekly training. I’m 33 and play to stay in shape. I’m generally at the field alone or with my wife or a friend.

    I am typically dribbling, jogging and running through some simple drills.

    I have two pairs of boots...Nike MercurialX Victory indoor and random Diadora cleats.

    Picked up the Mercurial (mids) for $20 on closeout and the Diadora for $15 on closeout so both great deals.

    I’ve played soccer my whole life so I understand the feel of boots. I’m struggling with which to use.

    The Mercurial is a higher performing boot and feels more comfortable. But it’s indoor so traction isn’t as good. I’m not slipping but it’s grass so anything can happen. However, I’m not really making cuts or sprinting during these workouts.

    The Diadora is less comfortable but not uncomfortable. They feel like a soccer boot but do offer the traction of a boot made for grass.

    What would you do?!

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