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    Hey Big Soccer Members and US Soccer fans everywhere! We need your help!

    The Southern California Chapters of American Outlaws, a US Soccer Supporters Group, have formed a Little Feet Platoon!

    Our mission is to deliver over 600 balls to mentally and physically disabled soccer players in Southern California at the Annual AYSO VIP Tournament to be held on October 9th, 2011 and we need your help!

    The AYSO VIP program stays true to one of their guiding philosophies, "Everyone plays." The AYSO VIP Program provides a quality soccer experience for children and adults whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams. VIP teams may include players who are blind or visually impaired, amputees or with conditions that impair mobility, mentally or emotionally challenged, Autistic, and have Down syndrome or Cerebral Palsy.

    Help us continue to share and spread the beautiful game!

    Please go to http://www.littlefeetarmy.​com/platoon013 and donate today! 2 Balls are donated for every $25 donation. One ball goes with this Platoon and a second ball is donated to the Little Feet Army Stockpile to be used to help all platoons. Little Feet Army is a program of the Little Feet Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, making your donation tax deductible. Tax ID# 26-0253261.

    Also, help us get free balls by going to facebook.com/LittleFeetSpo​rts and clicking "Like". Once you are a fan, hit the share button and post a message to all your friends about our Platoon and how your friends can help. You MUST tag Little Feet somewhere in that message so they know you posted. To tag just include the @ symbol before you type Little Feet. (i.e. @Little Feet) A drop down menu will appear that allows you to choose their page. Once you click their page, Little Feet will now be blue text and the @ symbol will have disappeared. For every 10 tags they receive, our Platoon will get a free ball from the stockpile.

    Thank you for all your help! Together we can make a difference!


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