Only Bar/Pub Devoted to Women's Soccer?

Discussion in 'Women's Fans and More' started by Tsunami, Jul 11, 2015.

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    Here is an article at Fusion about an establishment called Bazi that is entitled This might be the only bar in the world devoted to women's soccer Do any of you know of any others?

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    well, not in the world.

    there's one in here that was fenotte central when i went there. it still shows all the women's matches but the old management was real insider - the owner was doc amprino's son, a couple of coaches hung out there, plus the photographers whom you may know from their work if you follow lyon, plus local journalists, and some of the players dropped by regularly...
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    Well, not only not the only pub in the World, it wasn't even close to the only Pub in Portland.
    They all showcased WWC matches. The Irish pub close to my house also featured all the matches.

    And other pubs also dedicated themselves to showing WWC matches, including The Lucky Labrador brewpub on Hawthorne and even Buffalo Wild Wings on Broadway.

    The lucky Lab on Hawthorne has dedicated itself to being open and serving for several cups, both Men and Women including China, which was during some pretty odd hours here. They opened up especially for the matches. If I recall properly, Kells did so also.
  4. FootballAmator

    Aug 16, 2014

    Did you read the article? Lots of bars showed the World Cup but this bar also shows every Portland Thorns match even the ones streamed on youtube. Almost no other bar in the world shows every match of a womens club.
    Kristen, a Thorns fan, remembers most the atmosphere. “It was electric. To me, it felt like being in the stadium.” Bazi became her go-to place from then on, the place she went when the Timbers played away. Now, it’s also the place she goes to watch Thorns matches when she’s not at Providence Park.

    That just may be what makes Bazi truly unique. NWSL matches aren’t televised but rather streamed online, via youTube, and few public places go through the trouble of showing them. But Bazi never hesitated. When the Thorns started up in 2013, the women who supported the Timbers decided it was time for a women’s-only amateur soccer team, and invited Hilda to join. The outside-mid jumped right in and established close relationships with that group, including those who were part of the Thorns’ supporters group, Rose City Riveters. The Riveters then made Bazi, a place willing to be kid- and family-friendly, “their” bar. When the Thorns won the first NWSL championship and the Riveters brought back a banner signed by the entire team, they asked Hilda if she’d be willing to display it in the bar.

    In Portland, a bar can be successful just by promoting good beer. Hilda, and Bazi, have refused to let that be enough. While there are dozens of other bars that show the Women’s World Cup, it’s this one that’s the destination.
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    You need to get out more, and you probably should have clicked on the link of pub partners. Not only aren't Hilda and Bazi not the only bars in town to show the Thorns games, they aren't the only bars on the official Thorns pub partners list on the Thorns website.
    Those include (besides Bazi. Hilda's is not on the official pub partner list, btw)
    Lightning Will
    Mad Greek Deli
    Blue Room bar
    (More on the Blue Room later)
    All those places commit to showing all the games on their screens.

    And they are by no means the only places, they are just the only ones who have sidled up to the the supporter's groups with free beer and swag - there is a bit of well documented politics going on as to how you get on the list.
    Several other pubs will show them, including Gilda's and Buffalo Wild Wings on NE Broadway. I've watched matches at both places. Some places, like the Green Dragon and the Horse brass, don't advertise what they show, but you can see the games there as well.

    Another popular place for watching is at Cartlandia's blue room bar. It's a tent in a food cart pod on the Springwater bike trail at E. 82nd. Great eats, and you can split up a long bike ride with food and a beer or two.

    And yes, they have on their website that they show all Thorns and Timber's matches.
    Read the site

    Sadly, the cart pod is probably moving because the property will be developed, but for the time being, the blue room is a thorns pub partner.

    So go on promoting your favorite pub. It's great the place shows games. But as to it being unique in Portland for that, it just ain't so. There are lots of places in Portland to watch the Thorns, and some even advertise it.

    I'll be watching the pregame at Kell's with a light dinner before I sidle over to the stadium tonight.
  6. FootballAmator

    Aug 16, 2014

    oops. You got me. I didn't click the link. I read your post thought the other bars only showed the WWC match.

    Looks like I was wrong.
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    We have one of those in Washington. We call it Ellensburg :coffee:
  8. Cliveworshipper

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    There would be several pub stops before I got to Ellensburg by bike
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    The Movement Inn will be open soon.
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    Did I mention that Kell's has bagpipers who take you over to the stadium before the game?

    Kell's house IPA (56 IBU) was great, as was the Crème brulè for desert.

    The game had a nice ending also.

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