Only about 1/500 of soccer revenues come from the U.S.

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    With a population of roughly 1/20 of the world (288*20= 5760 millions)

    In the United States, soccer brings in $600 million of the annual $300 billion in global soccer which is 1/500.

    Kinda make you wonder doesn't it?

    That is why Man U for instance is trying hard to reach into the US market. And not to mention FIFA, check out FIFA latest attempt: (but the most successful attempt ever was 94 WC which spawn MLS).
    (the movie GOAL)

    Hey FIFA, how about building a few SSS? That would speed up progress quite a bit.
    MLS: FIFA, do you want soccer to succeed in the US ASAP?
    Blatter/FIFA: HELL YEAH
    MLS: Do you hate those football lines and 16,000 people in 60,000 stadium?
    Blatter/FIFA: It is an abomination to our beloved sport. It is so tragic seeing soccer playing with those lines and on plastic.
    MLS: Why not invest in our league? You are as confident as us that MLS will succeed. INVEST IN US. Build us two SSS and run two teams, surely with your expertise you can make the two teams extremely successful.
    Blatter: I DO IT. Now I need FIFA approval and 100 million dollars in loan.

    I know FIFA is a non-profit organization, but why not FIFA investing in MLS? Most people in BIgsoccer agree that an investment in MLS right now will pay of big 10-15 years down the road.

    Anyway, back to topic which is 1/20 (1/22 to be accurate) generates only 1/500 soccer revenues. And Yet 1/20 population are among the richest in the world in term of capita.

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