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    Jul 25, 2004
    Y.B. Berne-OM : The OM group
    Jean Fernandez announced this thursday the group of the 18 players which should fly away towards Switzerland on Friday. This group will play against Young Boys of Bern on saturday for the third turn of Intertoto cup.
    The group
    GOALKEEPERS : Carrasso, Gavanon
    DEFENDERS : Beye, Déhu, Ferreira, Nakata, Taiwo, Méïté
    MIDFIELDERS : Batlles, Nasri, Oruma, Olembé, Yahiaoui
    FORWARDS : Bamogo, Koke, Luyindula, Niang, Barry

    A second group will stay in Marseilles for training. They will leave Marseilles with the group on Sunday for the training course to Port Crouesty in Brittany.

    This group is composed of : Mendoza, L. N’Diaye, Sy. N’Diaye, Ba, Barthez, M’Bolhi, Delfim, Lamouchi, Fiorèse, Cantareil.

    Sylvain N’Diaye is suffering of his thigh since the training course in Aix-les-Bains.
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Infos 07:15 - 16/07/05
    Beye will not play
    Habib Beye is too "short" physically to start saturday against Bern
    The african could start next week during the friendly game against Lorient
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    Jul 25, 2004
    here are some pics from the last OM training at "stade de suisse" before the game

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    Nat'l Team:
    What's special about this match is that the game will take place at the Stade de Suisse before it is even officially inaugurated (the ceremony is at the end of the month.) Seating will be limited to 14,000 (out of 32,000) and the VIP area will be closed.

    Btw, the Stade de Suisse will also host SUI - FRA later this year.
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    Apr 16, 2004
    Droit Au But
    good luck...

    allez l'OM
    allez l'OM
    allez l'OM
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Intertoto Cup
    Saturday july 16th
    Live and direct on OMtv text sur

    For the first time ever, Olympique Marseilles will fight for the Intertoto cup! To begin with OM will play against Young Boys Bern « Young Boys Bern are physically better prepared than us, plus they ‘ve played more matches than we do, declares the phocean coach. It will be hard physically, but we our strong point undoubtly lays in our technique
    «We have to be united as one, according to Dehu, even attackants must defend: we have to be careful, then we could impose our technique ».
    They certainly will have o be careful! Indeed the swiss team won all of his 3 matches and scored nine goals!

    They must beware of place-kick!

    As a man of experience, Jean Fernandez already pointed out the strong points of his opponent: a dominating offensive team, playing in a 4-4-2 system. He also precisely defined risks: beware of bresilian attackant Valera, of the left wing Raimondi and especially of the leader Hakan Yakin, who used to play in Bale. Danger might also come from place kicks, according to Fernandez We concentrated our training on this. We must keep our defense position and have a strong collective game.
    Olympians might fall in a bad trap. Moreover new recruits are not allow to play except from Oruma and Niang. Ribery is not licenser yet and Mendoza, Lamouchi and Andre Luis are not physically ready. However the team is still competitive declares captain Dehu: it’s good to be back in the game.

    Emmanuel Jean
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Bern 2-3 OM : OM scores
    -OM is on its way to semifnal in the Intertoto cup. Olympians won 2-3 in Switzerland Saturday evening. Oruma (15th), Niang (35th) and Taiwo (81st) were the three scorers.

    0-1 Oruma (15e)
    0-2 Niang (35e)
    1-2 Raimondi (61e)
    2-2 Yakin (74e)
    2-3 Taiwo (81e)
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    Jul 3, 2003
    DC United
    I just saw the highlights on the OM website. Niang looked particarly good. Great start to what I hope will be a great season !
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    Apr 16, 2004
    Droit Au But
    there were many gaps in l'OM back side. YB seems unexperienced team. But they did well with long balls. Hopefully that Mr. Fernandez can fix these mistakes before the league kicks off.
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    May 26, 2005
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Fernandez : "We have to remain vigilant"
    Even if, while having won 3-2 in Switzerland, the statistics are in favour of OM, Marseilles' trainer does not estimate that the qualification is acquired.

    As soon as the match started, you were made fear with this Swiss occasion. Then, Bern came back to 2-2…

    If they had scored at the first minute, we would have had 89 minutes to return without counting additional time. That would have been undoubtedly another match but we lived the first five minutes difficult with this occasion for Bern. But overall we made a positive match, in particular during the first hour when we controlled well the game at the collective level, we were good in the recovery of the balloon, we had many occasions and we scored two goals. We made a good first half, we were physically well.
    In second period, we did not have to fall into the trap while playing too easily with less concentration. We knew how to avoid this during 15 minutes but after we fell down physically. This is logical because we are still in physical preparation. In last half an hour, we underwent, we left them spaces, they were more creative. They have much success on the first with this turned over of Yakin which finishes in the feet of a Bern player. After the equalization, we were in difficulty during 5-6 minutes on the level of the play, the physical and the concentration. Then, the team was back, there were opportunities of goal, this stopped kick and this goal of Taiwo which offers the victory to us.

    At 2-2, were you afraid on the bench ?
    Yes, when we win 2-0 away and that the other team comes back in a few minutes, one fears that the team can have large difficulties. We moved back, we were less in the game physically but, which enabled us to leave the head out of the water, it is that each time we recovered the balloon, we had the will to play. We managed to make some passes, we managed to go into the field of the other team. If there had not been these sequences during the difficult time, I think that we would have maybe cracked up.

    The result is of course positive but have you noticed any negative points during the match ?
    The facility with which we took the two goals displeased me. This is the negative point of the match. While having won the match, I am happy we took two goals because that focussed what we will have to correct. We could have seen the individual and collective problems. This is what will allow us to advance on the tactical level and to avoid reproducing them.

    The new players have scored, this is good for the morale…

    Yes, it's good for Wilson (Oruma) and for Mamadou (Niang). They were generous in the effort and they are rewarded by two goals. For them, for confidence, it is important.

    What you saw from your team was what you waited for ?

    I think we were better, in particular on the collective level, than a team we did not have to underestimate, which is not very turned ito the media event but which has quality. They will show it in the Swiss championship during the season. I thought that we would have a first more complicated period. The physical and technical quality of the team made Bern moved back, we posed many problems to them. I thought we would encounter more difficulties and that was not the case. What we did during one hour is well. One waited to drop physically and that was the case at the end of the match.

    The alert of the first minute was finally a good thing ?

    We were in preparation with only two friendly matches in the legs. There was not yet the concentration of the high level. Even if it is the Intertoto cup, this is not the same competition anymore than five years ago. One faced a Swiss club which has just begun its championship, which prepares beginning on June 10. There are then Spanish, Italian, English, German clubs… Today the Intertoto cup really resembles a European Cup. Between the friendly matches and a European cup, the level of concentration is not the same one. The first minute was a warning which enabled us to better concentrate in order to better manage the match.

    One can say that OM is almost qualified ?

    We have to remain vigilant, the qualification is played in two matches. What we did over there, they can do it here to us, especially when we watch their external result : they nevertheless scored 4 goals in Lokeren and 3 in Neuchatel. It will be necessary to be vigilant and concentrate not to fall into the trap. This is what I said to the players at the half-time whereas we were leading 2-0. We are exactly in the same case, we are in a good situation to qualify ourself at the time of the return match but there still remain 90 minutes and everything is possible. We have our fate between our hands, with much of vigilance, motivation, concentration and an additional preparation of one week on the physical level, we should be able to pass this turn.

    For the return match, your team will be modified?

    I think that compared to evolution that it will have for this week and compared to the preparation of the beginning of championship, there will be changes in the organization of the team. That will allow us to be better physically and to have the best possible team for the first day of L1.

    The new players (Mendoza, Andre Luis) will be operational ?
    The question will arise for Lamouchi. It will be difficult for Mendoza. The training course represents the last large block before the recovery since we will play the return match against Bern then in the event of qualification, we play on Wednesday and finally, Bordeaux, always fixed at Friday. During this training course, we will be able to test players like Lamouchi or Mendoza.

    With this victory in Switzerland, it is difficult to think about a best start…

    When I saw the quality of the adversary, I said that a tied match would be a good result, knowing that the return match would be played at the Velodrome. There, there is the merit to gain the game, we are in a good position but it will be necessary to be vigilant.

    This first match at the Velodrome will be important ?
    Yes, it is important for our fans, for the players. We have to confirm what we have done in Bern at the Velodrome.

    What have you felt on the bench ?
    I had a lot of pleasure of being on the bench for the first match of OM, that moreover we won ; When one knows the importance of the victory, that given pleasure. That allows us also to have a good capital confidence. It is, also, increasingly easier to work after a victory. The team spirit and the environment are good. One will progress this week.

    In the game, one saw very implied players, even if their situation is not final…
    Yes, they started well the match, in particular Bamogo who is with at the origin of the free kick which gave us the 3rd goal. It is important to create a team spirit. There are not 11 holders, there are 20 potential holders and everyone has his chance. It is the language which I speak with the players. With a good team spirit, it is easier for the matches.

    After the match, have you changed your mind about some players ? Maybe you want that some players, who were supposed to leave, finally stay with you ?
    It's a little bit early…But there is not only the technical parameter, but also the financial parameter. The Marseilles leaders worked very well according to the means they had. Even if recruitment team is not very well known, it is very judicious compared to the members of the team. But there will be players who will be obliged to leave.

    What did Robert Louis-Dreyfus say after the match ?
    He was happy. That gave us a lot of pleasure he was there. It is important that he is is close to the team. After the match, Mrs Dreyfus and Acariès were very happy about the service of the team and they told us so.

    With two matchs in 48 hours, the last week of july seems to be complicated…
    It is aberrant to make play a team two days after a match of European Cup. On the physiological level, compared to heat, I find that it is an aberration. Moreover, we are still in period of preparation, to play Bordeaux 48 hours after having played against an Italian club of reputation, that appears unmanageable to me. I will follow with a lot of attention what will happen. I spoke about it, Saturday evening, with Pape Diouf and Anigo and I told them in thirty years of high level, I had never played two matches in 48 hours.

    an OM official site crappy translation...
    sorry for the grammar mistakes ^^
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Some Pics of the Game agaisnt the young boyz de berne..

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    Jul 25, 2004
    OM 2-1 Bern : Echos
    OM-Bordeaux on Saturday the 30th at 5.15PM, Young Boys supporters, Lazio get qualified, Pavon watches : these are echos.

    Finally the League kept his word and was right to do it. OM will be given one more day to get fresh after his first semifinal against Rome on Wednesday. Its match against Bordeaux finally take place on Friday evening at 5.15PM, said Pape Diouf. This first match of the season will be broadcasted on Canal Plus.

    200 Bees
    Four buses full of Young Boys supporters went to Marseilles to watch the game. Two hundred swiss fans in the whole, looking like bees in the Velodrome stadium, as they were wearing the yellow and black colours of their team.

    Foreign Legion
    The ultras did some good job this summer. When both teams came on the grass, the foreign legion of Marseilles was greeted by the south stands of the stadium through extra large flags : Ivory coast (Meïte), Nigeria (Taiwo), Japan (Nakata), Peru (Mendoza), Brazil (Andre Luis and Ferreira), Cameroun (Olembe), Spain (Koke), Senegal (Niang, Beye and Ndiaye).

    Yakin could’nt play
    Wounded at the calf last Wednesday, then sitting on the bench, Hakan Yakin was here however. But he wasn’t able to play.

    Lazio finally equalizes
    Players from Rome, who are going to play against Marseilles Wednesday evening in semifinals, get qualified Saturday afternoon. They obtain a drawn match in Tampere, Finland. Whereas they were defeated on score at the 88th minute, they finally equalized thanks to Muzzi, at the 92nd minute. They won 3-0 in the first match in stadio Olimpico.

    Michel Pavon watches
    Even if he is not the Bordeaux’s coach anymore (he has been replaced by Ricardo) Michel Pavons still feels from Bordeaux. He was in the stadium Saturday to watch the next Bordeaux’s opponent in the championship.

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    Apr 16, 2004
    Droit Au But
    How many team playing in intertoto cup should qualify to UEFA cup?
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    Nat'l Team:

    The three winners of the Inter-Toto Cup finals.
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Lazio : all you need to know
    On Wednesday OM will face Lazio in semi-final of Intertoto. Before the departure to Italy, presents you the adversary of the Olympians.

    The team
    After being for a long time in second half of the Italian championship, Lazio finally finished with a not very flattering 10th place in 2004-05.
    Jean Fernandez could have an idea of the adversary of Olympian by viewing Lazio’s match against Tampere: "They played 4-4-2, Rocchi and Di Canio in front. Di Cano, 37 years, remains their emblematic player. He is a very talented and very malignant boy in counter-attack. They also have just taken Tare whose air potential is interesting.
    In the middle, there is the Brazilian Cesar. He is the strong point of the team. At his sides, there is Liverani, a player with large volume of play. Lastly, as a whole it is a block which defends well ".
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Lazio-OM: how to manage the Roman adversary
    Three days after having eliminated Bern, OM is preparing to confront Lazio in semi-final of Intertoto. A prestigious adversary but the Olympian ones will be able to count on a greater advance in their preparation.

    Intertoto Semi final
    Wednesday 27th of july - Stadio Olimpico
    To follow on

    The match has style and the Marseilles supporters should not consider it regrettable that the Olympian club chose Intertoto. A semi-final between the OM and Lazio which will begin within the imposing framework from the stadio Olimpico with a small air from revenge for the club phocéen since the Champions League in 1999-00 (0-2 ; 1-5).

    A Roman formation with a glorious past. And serious money worries now. “Lazio, is it a large piece? Yes, but they also must say that of us "moderates Péguy Luyindula. Laziale side, the striker, Paolo Di Canio, is delighted by this double confrontation. "It is an attractive match, he explains on the web site of the Roman club, more especially as I never met them".

    Contrary to Young Servant boys of Bern, previous adversaries of OM, the Romans are currently in full preparation in spite of their qualification in front of the Finns of Tampere in the preceding round (3-0/1-1). The phocéen captain, Fred Déhu, sees "a good means there to prepare our first match in championship against Bordeaux". "This match of Intertoto will enable us to have an adversary like Bordeaux" he adds. Jean Fernandez , the technician, considers the left Brazilian winger, César, as "the strong point" of Rome. According to him, it will also be necessary to be measured to a "serious and disciplined defense". Fernandez warns: he wishes to spare his team for the first match of the championship on Saturday, against Bordeaux. The current tendency would go towards a setting at rest for Batlles and Luyindula, Lamouchi and Niang then will probably play, as Beye. The unknown factor remains the motivation of a Roman team in full rebuilding. Sabri Lamouchi, as a fine expert of transalpine football, has his idea on the question. “I know that they take these matches much more with serious than we imagine. To go in Uefa represents something really important for them ". Lamouchi could make his beginnings in an official match besides this Wednesday. Jean Fernandez even found him "radiant". It could be the same for Andrès Mendoza who takes part of the team. An interesting reinforcement before this "pre-European" meeting.

    Referee: Carlos Megía Dávila (ESP)
    Suspended OM: Barthez
    In danger OM: -
    Suspended Lazio: -

    Player(s) to follow : Cesar, Di Canio, Rocchi
    Missing(s) : -
    Actual standing : -
    Last result : Tampere 1-1 Lazio


    ---BEYE - DEHU - MEITE - TAIWO----


    ---------KOKE - NIANG---------------

    Substitute(s) : Quesnel, Beye, Nakata, Batlles (ou Delfim), Koke, Barry, Mendoza

    Missings : S. N'Diaye, Olembé, Bamogo, L.Ndiaye, Barthez, Fiorèse, Cantareil, M'Bolhi
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    Universitario de Deportes
    Nat'l Team:
    What are the chances of Andres Mendoza playing some minutes?

    Btw, is this the same Ribery that was playing in Turkey last season?
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    1-1 draw today in Rome...sounded like it was an even match. OM in control now with the road goal...hopefully several of our injured players will return for the second leg.

    Meïte and Taiwo were impressive...
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    May 10, 2004
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    any1 have any details about the match in v Lazio and/or how we are looking going into the second leg?
  22. peruytu

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    Jan 19, 2003
    New York
    Universitario de Deportes
    Nat'l Team:
    Yeah, i'd like some info/detail of this game.

    Btw, why did Ribery go back to France? I know not many people can adjust to turkish life, but what was Ribery exact reason to leave turkey? Or was he just on loan?
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Lazio 1-1 OM: OM takes confidence
    Olympians made a good job this wednesday in Rome with a drawn match (1-1). Facing dangerous players of Lazio, OM made the largest part of the job before second match.

    Lazio 1-1 OM
    1-0 Di Canio (43e)
    1-1 Meïte(69th)

    Olympians can be really proud of their performance in Olimpico. They played a hard game, were united and never fell down. Despite a strong defense, they conceded one goal scored by Di Canio : nobody was marking him. Fernandez’s men never panicked and Meïtea logically scored. Players from Rome, in better condition than predicted, were dangerous until the end of the game and afraid Olympique Marseilles.


    As predicted, Lazio gave its best since the game started, and the game was based on defense. Olympians made quick passes and Niang, off side for a first time (12nd), spoiled the weak points of Lazio’s defense, he was wonderfully tackled by Belleri, the action came to a corner (25th). Time went by, the game became to get tensed and danger naturally came from Di Canio who opened fire. He get nerved with Meïte, which gave him the first of yellow cards (31st) for Rome in first halftime. It seems that OM took the top position as far as mental is concerned. The first goal however came from the trouble maker. It started with a place kick, then Cribari played with the head and finally Di Canio deceived Carrasso and scored (43rd).


    Certainly under the influence of this goal, Olympians submitted to the others in the beginning of first halftime. The game remained not fluid and finally OM started to be efficient. Beye first threatened Sereni after a corner well shot from Mendoza (68th). Taiwo shot with power and obliged Sereni to put the ball away on the goal post, Meïte, made with success a wonderful shot (69th).
    The game’s result was far from being assured. As Tare went on the ground, the olympian team was in pain, especially in defense. His ability to protect the ball payed, as well as his head which ended up on the goal post of Carrasso who were not in position (72nd). The free kick shot by Liverani still frightened but ended up out of the goal (90th). OM made the job easier for the return match next Wednesday.

    Lazio 1-1 OM

    1/2 finale aller Intertoto
    Mercredi 27/07 - Stadio Olimpico - Arb. : Carlos Megía Dávila (ESP)
    Buts : Di Canio (43) pour la Lazio, Méïté(69) pour l'OM
    Cartons : Di Canio (31), Manfredini (37), Firmani (39), àla Lazio, Beye (42) àl'OM
    Lazio : Sereni – Delleri, Sanibale, Cribari, Zauri - Manfredini (De Silvestri, 84), Firmani, Liverani, Cesar - Di Canio (Tare, 70), Muzzi (Pandev, 65)
    OM : Carrasso – Beye, Déhu (cap.), Méïté, Taiwo– Ribéry (Batlles, 90), Lamouchi , Oruma, Nasri (Ferreira, 80) – Niang, Koke (Mendoza, 65)
  24. ZoltaR

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    Jul 25, 2004
    Lamouchi:this good result enjoys us
    After his first official match with OM, Sabri Lamouchi is satisfied despite a mystake which came to a conceded goal.
    "We made a mystake that we payed cash. This goal was conceded before halftime, we could avoid it. We started the game pretty well. We even get the best occasion with Mamadou (Niang). I didn't get that the referee decided off-side, I was sure the defender was behind him.
    Nevertheless we kept the same fighting spirit in second halftime. Namely determined and decided not to concede an other goal: we played more in their camp. This good result enjoys us because we knew it would be hard. Above all we didn't want to let go our chances to be qualified, so we sticked to this aim. I hope this goal will be helpful for the future.
    Personally I started to play again since only 15 days and I don't feel bad compared to the others. After 4;5 matches it should be better. Even at my age, it's still time to get better physically."
  25. ZoltaR

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    Jul 25, 2004
    Carrasso: "We were courageous"
    The olympian goal is satisfied with the result in Rome, he admits the game was not so easy.
    "It was a hard game to play, they were playing at home and it was their first official match in Olimpico stadium. We conceded one goal in firts halftime and we could avoid this. We must keep it in mind for the championship. Then we were courageous, we handled it. Finally it's a good result we equalized once again.

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