Ok what happened to that 30 day thing?

Discussion in 'San Jose Earthquakes' started by FAS, Sep 11, 2007.

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    Wasn't it more than 30 days since they said we'd know where the team would be playing home games in 30 days? Sorry to start new thread, could't remember what the original thread on this was titled, but I seem to recall Sept. 6th was soupposed to be the day we'd know. (Bites nails waiting for some bloody news!)
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    mhmm i was about to do exactly what you did. yes they said "shortly after Labor Day weekend".

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    The absolute dearth of news is upsetting, but not serious. Frankly, there is little of substance that the team can or will do prior to beginning of the playoffs, at which time the fun begins in terms of players and coaches being released by other teams and available... Before that time, most of what is going on is probably mainly consists of negotiations for venues, etc. and I'd prefer this stuff remain off the record until it's a done deal to prevent any outside parties influencing the negotiations (Barry Witt, anybody?)
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    I'm sure you all saw this last week. Says "next few weeks".


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