OK What happened on Dream Team last week? I missed it. [R]

Discussion in 'TV, Satellite & Radio' started by Elisa Uranga, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Elisa Uranga

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Sierra Madre, CA
    Please I was only able to watch the last 20 minutes. Inquiring minds want to know. :eek:
  2. dncm

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    Apr 22, 2003
    Re: OK What happened on Dream Team last week? I missed it.

    Mods maybe put an [R] in thread title - I would never want to ruin someone's watching - I know I am so paranoid of these threads, but I know the feeling of having missed an episode

    Don't keep reading if you don't want to know (this references events in earlier shows)

    Last chance

    Here's best of my memory(others feel free to remind)
    1. Jacqui tells Phil about the affair and the bet
    2. Phil gets drunk and confronts Patrick on the training ground while a TV crew is filming and punches him and accuses him of the bet
    3. Patrick tells Fletch he still better not say anything cuz of the cocaine
    4. Patrick decides to step down as coach and then sues the club for slander
    5. Stuart is the new coach
    6. The youth team player gets tricked by a female reporter to tell her what is going on inside the club, and she tapes it
    7. Tash and Jeff save his arse by getting the female reporter to not release that tape and give it to Tash, and instead give her an exclusive with Jacqui to tell her side of the story - she says her brain was all messed up. Jeff also then gets the youth player to sign with him to help his bankruptcy.
    8. Robbie is getting pissed at Tash cuz she is never around cuz she is helping her dad
    9. Jeff and the clubs lawyers recommend to Phil that he publicly apologizes to Patrick so that he might drop the lawsuit. Because Phil has zero proof.
    10. Phil pleads to the players for help if any of them know anything, but no one says anything
    11. Lawyers from the FA and the Fraud Squad come in and start confiscating documents and computers from the club

    2 things worth noting that you might have missed.
    1. When Patricks leaves, he leaves a mysterious folder - this is picked up by the Fraud Squad or FA....no one knows whats inside good or bad
    2. The reporter gives the tape of the youth player to Tash, but then after they leave, the reporter pulls the original out of her bra.

    Hope that helps, and didn't ruin any spoilers for anyone else.
  3. jammybastard

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    Oct 7, 2003
  4. Elisa Uranga

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Sierra Madre, CA
    Thanks alot guys!:)
  5. freemo

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    Nov 12, 2006
    Central PA
    Oh, thanks muchly too. I DVRed it last Thursday, but FSC had some Beckham special on instead so I didn't get to see the episode either. I never thought to ask online here.
  6. TarheelJTK

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    They got me with that too.

    Thanks for the update on Dream team.

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