Ok guys im badly out of shape...lil help??

Discussion in 'Player' started by Todge, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Todge

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    Jan 13, 2007
    Ok the story is this. im 21 years old, i started work at 18. i now weigh about 15st 12oz. when i started the job (as soon as i finished college) i was about 12st 7oz. i have grown probably an inch in that time in height (6' 1" now)but sadly 2 or 3 in height when laying on the floor!

    At school and college i would play football every day, at 12-15 i was in a sunday team (captain dont ya know) and i cycled to and from school every day (5 miles total) so i was in pretty good shape.

    since starting work it all went out the window but its time to fire the boiler up again. My weight doesnt bother me but i dont like the belly i have grown and i cant play football to the standard i used to.

    I have a gym membership with a pool, weights, running/cycling/rowing machines as well as a desperate desire to actualy go to the park and work on my fitness. I did a couple of days last week on my own in the park, just some jogging around the 18 yard box, a little juggling etc but only in my turfs. i couldnt sprint as the ground is muddy and i didnt have boots (legends on the way).

    so thats it, i want to lose the weight and get back to playing football like i used to, the vision, the passing, the tackling and ost important of all ripping the back of the net off from 30 yards.

    i have tried to get into this before but i havnt really had anyone to motivate me so it allways fell by the wayside with the same old excuses. i hope that maybe at least one of you can be my Mr Motivator. i have the reason and the desire, i just need a bit of help and a push to keep it up really.

    I work 17-19 days a month on 12 hour shifts. i dont mind going out running in the evening if i have to but the gym is out as it shuts before i can get there. id rather do the running in the evening when im confident i can actually go more than 100 yards before collapsing.

    any help on a little regime or anything will be really greatly appreciated. i love to play football and not being able to properly frankly chokes me up. hopefully i can keep you updated each week as my stats improve.
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    You are better off posting this in the Player Forum. This forum is solely for football related Equipment I'm afraid.
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    Jan 13, 2007

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