Offseason XI: Part XI: Second Team

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by Mr Hanki's Throne, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Mar 13, 2001
    Wellington, Colo
    Goalkeepers (
    Winner: Scott Garlick
    Left Backs (
    Winner: Jeff Agoos
    Right Backs (
    Winner: Tony Sanneh
    Center Backs (
    Winners: Ryan Nelsen and Eddie Pope
    Defensive Midfielder (
    Winner: Richie Williams
    Left Midfielder (
    Winner: John Harkes
    Right Midfielder (
    Winner: Ben Olsen
    Attacking Midfielder (
    Winner: Marco Etcheverry
    Forward (
    Winner: Jaime Moreno and Roy Lassiter
    Coach (
    Winner: Bruce Arena

    To round out these polls with a nice number, 11, I'll ask this question: Which of these players do not deserve to be on the Second Team D.C. United lineup? These players are, naturally, selected based on second place (or fourth and fifth place votes) in the previous polls. For many people, their second place selection at a position may not be the second in the poll, and this poll will satisfy your desires on this question.

    Vote for as many as you wish, or vote for "none of the above", which means you think the second team as present is pretty good and doesn't need changed. If there are a significant number of votes at a position, we can have a little revote to select the second team.

    Second team;
    Goalkeeper - Mark Simpson
    Left Back - Bryan Namoff
    Right Back - Diego Sonora (Bryan Namoff actually held #2 here, but I opted for Sonora as a better third place vote than either Mario Gori or Ben Iroha at left back).
    Center Backs - Carlos Llamosa & Bobby Boswell
    Defensive Midfielder - Brian Carroll
    Left Midfielder - Bobby Convey
    Right Midfielder - Earnie Stewart (Tony Sanneh was #2, but already starts at right back)
    Attacking Midfielder - Christian Gomez
    Forward - Raul Diaz Arce & Alecko Eskandarian
    Coach - Peter Novak
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    Sep 23, 2000
    With the SEs in 134
    Boswell hasn't even held a starting job for a full season. If we can't put Agoos there because he's on the first team at left back, I'd take Petke over Erpen at central defender. Looking at that list reminds me that we've had some really outstanding and some pretty dreadful central defenders on this team. There's no middle ground at all.

    I'd also take John Maessner over Earnie Stewart as the #2 right mid. As good as Earnie was for us in 2004 (and no one would take John over Earnie overall as players), Maessner accomplished more in a DC shirt and was more effective as an offensive player (in an admittedly weaker league).
  3. ursula

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    Feb 21, 1999
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    I agree with putting Petke over Boswell. Ultimately I think both Bobby and Erpen will probably be a better center back than our favorite wanker but that time hasn't come yet. Think also of how much Petke was doing on-the-job tutoring of Boswell early last season- invaluable for Bobby's effectiveness.

    I hadn't thought of Mess over Stewart but that is also arguable- though I think I'll stay with Earnie. It's close though. One thing Earnie (and Petke too for that matter) had going was his leadership qualities. Going back to that difficult 03 season I think Earnie was a huge stabilizing force with the team even though Hudson was moving him all over the place, shoring up one position after another.
  4. gocaps

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    Sep 23, 2000
    With the SEs in 134
    It's a tough call. I think people forget how effective Maess was at the time. It may have been a product of having a great team around him or a weak league, but his speed, skill, and workrate (not to mention his American-ness) really made him a very valuable asset in those days.

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