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    *I apologize if this is an inappropriate forum for this post*

    I often read on forums here and there, where people post about how they got a grrrreat deal on replica jerseys that are 'slight seconds' or whatever, then when they name the source, they are totally unaware that the vendor could be peddling high quality fakes.

    I came across this website:

    and if you read the disclaimer thoroughly, you'll see that "Official Replicas does not intent to mean our replica is an official product in any way, it simply mean the replicas merchandise are replicated from the official product"

    - cue the dramatic music for those who find this news shocking -

    and for those of us who already knew of this in some form or another, we will commence the patronizing head shaking. :T

    By checking out the galleries of the 'official replicas' that the website has to offer, there is not much doubt that these shirts can be VERY convincing, and it would take nothing less of a side by side comparision of the actual fake and legit shirt, or at least very large photos of logos, stitching, etc. of both fake and legit shirts to pick out the variations between the two. Suffice to say, there would still be some things that would still require some sort of expertise to distinguish.

    Most of these fakes seem to come from Asian countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. I can confirm however, that Nike does have some manufacturing plants in Thailand because I've purchase several legit items (dri-fit shirts, ACG apparel etc) from Nike stores, one of which includes an 02-04 Korea jersey, that were manufactured in Thailand. It's possible that some items that are destined for the Asian market are manufactured in Thailand, incl. J-league shirts, K-league shirts, etc. It can be noted also that Nike still has some ties with Korean manufacturers.

    The following checklist isn't entirely thorough, but it includes a few things I've noticed that distinguishes fakes and authentic replicas:

    - True Nike replica shirts usually have a washtag on the bottom right side of the centre panel of the shirt. This applies for shirts similar in style of the Brasil, Portugal, Mexico, Holland, Man U home etc. The washtag includes washing instructions, and a small black Nike tag with a red swoosh and a serial/style number of some sort on the back. The new cool motion shirts (incl. Juventus, Barcelona etc) should still have this but in a diff location.

    - True Adidas ClimaCool/Clima lite shirts have a distinct pattern to the mesh sidepanels. Fake shirts should just have sidepanels that look like normal mesh, but if you look at a legitimate France Away, Columbus Crew Home/black, China, Marseille etc, shirts, you will see that from a slight distance, the mesh pattern goes in a horizontal line. Also, the mesh holes are usually long in height, in a rice grain type shape.

    - Check soccerplus.net for photos of many authentic shirts. These are not the generic photos you usually see on Kit Bag, etc. Some shirts have little details such as a silver stripe at the neckline of some Nike styles, or a strip with small adidas logos on some Adidas shirts. Some of the photos may be a little small for comparing logos.

    Hope this has shed some light on the issue for some people.

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