Official "Ban Soccer Horns" Petition

Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by cliffkram, Sep 22, 2003.

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    An online petition has been created that will be forwarded to Major League Soccer upon completion of this season, imploring them to ban what has been known as "Soccer Horns". I urge you, if you do not want these horns at the matches next year, please sign the petition which can be found at
    Let's put forth a solid effort and rid MLS of thse horns.
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    you know, i cant help but think....

    that of all the problems there are with this league..

    of all the financial difficulties...

    of all the favortism shown to larger market teams...

    the best we can come up with it is a petition against frizeakin SOCCER HORNS?

    i think were gettin a little too picky.

    (when i say "we", what i really mean is : "you")
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    I'd rather hear cheering, singing, and chanting, but I feel like the players appreciate any noise. It gives the games atmosphere. If you want quiet, go to a church or a library. :)

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