Offering free online soccer zoom sessions for any kids who have no team soccer during these times.

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    Apr 26, 2020
    Hey fello soccer/football fanatics! Me (Zachary Pratzner) and my 20 year old friend Johnny Lenart, who is currently a freshman division two soccer player at Lynn college, are planning to offer free online zoom soccer training sessions for younger soccer players. We both just got our first U.S. Soccer coaching licences and both love the game and working with children. We both are extremely hard workers when it comes to training, and both study the game and are very knowledgeable on it and would love to teach the up and coming generation. We have many drills and fitness tips for people trying to improve there game, and we guarantee improvement for anyone who does the drills we give consistently. We are offering this for free since we both want to get as much coaching experience as possible, and both of us do not have much better to do during these times.

    If anyone reading this is skeptical in anyway you can get in contact with my at and ask any questions. We could also set up a phone call if you are more comfortable with that. We currently do not have any official times for these training sessions as we are first trying to gather of group of people to participate in them. If you are interested please send me an email!

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