OFC 1986 WC qualifiers / Australia v Israel Anthem Incident

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    :oops: Oh, well.

    Things used to be very different around here:

    [​IMG] Australia
    [​IMG] Chinese Taipei
    [​IMG] Israel
    [​IMG] New Zealand

    A round robin tournament with home-and-away fixtures

    3 September 1985 - 10 November 1985

    And the winner qualifies to a playoff with, as you'd logically expect, Scotland

    21 Sep 1985: New Zealand v Australia (highlights), Auckland

    8 Oct 1985: Israel v Australia (highlights), Tel Aviv

    20 Oct 1985: Australia v Israel (full match), Melbourne

    26 Oct 1985: New Zealand v Israel (highlights), Auckland

    Also, the goals by AUS v Taiwan/Chinese Taipei, 8-0 and 7-0, that week.

    And the make-or-break match:

    3 Nov 1985: Australia v New Zealand (highlights), Sydney

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