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Discussion in 'Orange County SC' started by County_Coalition, Dec 17, 2014.

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    It looks likely that OCB will be spending their 2015 season at Anteater stadium of UCI (Where parking costs more than season tickets). 2500 capacity.

    There is buzz of trying to lock down a contract with the City of Irvine to play in a small stadium (5,000 capacity) that is already scheduled to be built in Orange County Great Park. The 5000 capacity would give the club one step toward meeting the requirements of D2 that the league is rumored to be applying for in 2017. The Club already trains at existing fields at Great Park and has created a relationship with City officials.

    The timeline for the building project is uncertain as much of the Park is way behind schedule and the Master plan is constantly changing. Perhaps if the owner, Mansouri, offers to put money into building the stadium (increase capacity perhaps?) they can lock down a long term lease with the city.

    I think the club will need to vastly improve its attendance and sponsorships in order to make that sort of commitment.

    I'm always good at recommending what other people should do with their money. :)
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    They need Leslie Knope on the job if the park is behind schedule...:)
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    The City of Santa Ana was talking about a soccer stadium. It would be nice if OCB could play there. If you look at the land available, it doesn't look big enough for a MLS stadium.

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