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    Remember that visibility =/= attendance. That's specifically why I focused on the playoffs in my post. People are well aware of the teams even if they aren't attending each week. (Special events in general, like this new Cup, will get people that don't go weekly.) Also, the previous year of LMFX playoffs drew better than last fall.

    Besides, even if LMXF gets about 1/5 of what NWSL does on average, it's still a top three league worldwide for average attendance - only FAWSL exists between NWSL and LMXF, and there's a big drop to #4 after that. (In fact, LMXF outdrew FAWSL for most of the two's existence, with FAWSL only recently seeing an attendance bump.) That's not "nearly invisible" by any means.
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    Did it? From what I'm seeing the Fall of 22 was a major outlier for them. Spring 23 averaged 12675 and that was inflated due to the 2nd leg of the final have 58156 show up, meaning the first 13 playoff games averaged 9177. Fall 22 saw a 19298 average for the playoffs. Spring 22 saw 10065 with 40462 for the final, so the first 13 averaged 7727.

    Being top 3 isn't impressive when the numbers are so low. There's certainly room to grow, but if nobody is watching most of the time then the league is nearly invisible even if they're doing better than others. A few of the teams still only have Facebook broadcasts in Mexico and 7 have no US presence at all.
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    There is a group trying to bring a team to Cleveland, Ohio. I hope they succeed!

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