NSR:Game's Respected Figures Lure Women

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    Jul 23, 2003
    From an e-mail:

    Can you buy us a drink, pet?" - Bryan Robson

    "I would have fallen in love at first sight with you. But unfortunately I'm not close enough to your position to see you properly" - Arsene Wenger

    "Do you want a f%$£ing f&*k?" - Peter Reid

    "I would love it, love it, if we could make beautiful music together. You've got lovely eyes. And you make me feel great. Great, like a proud Englishman, 'earing the national anthem for the first time. I just want to get on top of you and try 'ard for me, for you and for everyone. This is a massive moment and I hope I'm big enough for the job" - Kevin Keegan

    "I've never done this before. It's all so unexpected. It's just a big adventure for me and my little man. I just hope we can keep going and going. Be gentle with me. Please. I'm so innocent" - David O'Leary

    "Well, you really are looking quite lovely tonight. Almost as lovely as Manchester United on that unforgettable night in Barcelona. I've never known a feeling like it" - Clive Tyldesley

    "Cupid has come around my back stick, early doors, little eyebrows and poked an arrow through my heart with your name on it. Do you want to come sell me a lollypop?" - Big Ron

    "Hello, Susan, I mean, Jane, No, Dave, Arsenal, Rover, Bin Laden, Debbie, Alison, Quim, No, Sarah, Victoria, Diana. Do you want to go to my place, I mean, your place, St James' Park, Buckingham Palace, the hanging gardens of Babylon, The Rose and Crown? For an ice cream, no sorry... weasel, for a lawn mower, monkey, pint? Where am I?" - Bobby Robson

    "Yeah, that Liam's a pr*ck isn't he? This? A wedding ring? Oh no, no, no... it's... erm, it's a Scottish League winners' ring" - Ally McCoist

    "You're pretty ugly actually and really stupid.. I never said them things. Can we have sex?" - Glenn Hoddle
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    "Next!" - Dwight Yorke

    "Wha' dya mean, me tip is red?" - Sir Alex Ferguson

    "If you don't mind, I'd like Emile Heskey to be in the room. Don't worry, he won't score, he'll just stand in the corner and watch, but I like having him around." - Gerard Houllier

    "You are not French, I do not want you near me." - Jean Tigana

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