Now that Rony's gone, what's the lineup looking like?

Discussion in 'Inter Milan' started by metroflip73, Sep 4, 2002.

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  1. metroflip73

    metroflip73 Member

    Mar 3, 2000
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    United States
    This team is different from when they last won a trophy:

    1998 UEFA Cup v Lazio.
  2. retnicf

    retnicf Member

    May 7, 2001
    Mount Vernon, NY
    Well, metroflip, it looks like the consensus is:



    --J. Zanetti------------Coco

    -----Di Biagio------C. Zanetti



    Recoba can be the withdrawn forward or the forward depending on the inevitable injuries upfront.

    But I think Cuper prefers the 4-4-2, so we'll see.

    In midfield I would expect time for Almeyda and Conceicao, as well as Emre.

    At forward we've got Kallon & Ventola to back up.

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