Nov 23 CL : Dynamo Kiev vs Roma [R]

Discussion in 'AS Roma' started by SueB, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. SueB

    SueB New Member

    Mar 23, 1999
    Waterbury, VT
    Neither Totti (death in the family) nor Montella (flu) made the trip, among the usual long list of other injured and suspended players. Roma's chances of qualifying just for the UEFA Cup are already slim, but failing to win here would end all hope.

    Here is the the convocation:-

    Aquilani, Candela, Cassano, Cerci, Corvia, Cufrè, Curci, D'Agostino, Dellas, Ferrari, Mido, Pelizzoli, Perrotta, Sartor, Scurto, Pipolo, Briotti, De Martino, Virga

    How's that for a list of unfamiliar names. 6 Primavera players on this list:-
    Briotti, Cerci, Curci, De Martino, Pipolo, Virga

    Likely starters:

    Pelizzoli, Sartor, Dellas, Ferrari, Candela, Aquilani, De Martino, Perrotta, D'Agostino, Cassano, Mido
  2. SueB

    SueB New Member

    Mar 23, 1999
    Waterbury, VT
    Well, another loss, this one 2-0. But Roma would've been eliminated even if they had managed to win because of the result of the other group match.
    There were 2 differences from the above projected lineup with Scurto and Corvia preferred to De Martino and D'Agostino.

    Roma held out for 73 minutes before Dellas scored an own goal. Three minutes later, Scurto was sent off. Shatskikh finished things off for Dynamo in the 82nd minute. D'Agostino and Curfre came on as subs for Mido and Sartor, respectively. None of the Primavera guys made an appearance. Must've been quite an interesting visit to Kiev though, what with the political situation there.
  3. PGHscouser

    PGHscouser New Member

    Jul 27, 2004
    Nor' Borahs, PGH PA
    Didn't get to see the match...but I suppose the result was expected. It has been rather quiet on the Roma board as of late...and I suppose for good reason. Kinda interesting to see the most recent forum posts were concerning 'favorite players of the past' and 'signings in January'. (sigh)

    Anywho, I'm one for's to avenging our loss to Siena with interest!

    Anywho, buck up, take care, an' keep singing.


  4. SueB

    SueB New Member

    Mar 23, 1999
    Waterbury, VT
    Yes, it reminds me a little of two seasons ago, when the Roma board just died. But I know you Roma fans aren't THAT fickle. I mean, if you wanna talk quiet, the Inter board is awfully dead these days, too. And they're even doing well in Europe!
  5. danielmak

    danielmak Member

    Sep 26, 2004
    off the purple line
    I can't speak to the situation two years ago since I recently discovered the board, but I can say that it's harder to post anything intelligent without seeing the match. Because Roma are on a yo-yo that takes them back and forth from CL spots to bottom dwellers, the games aren't being shown on Gol TV in the States, which means it's harder for folks here to discuss the match. Match reports don't offer the same depth as seeing the game. Let's hope the team strings together some wins so Gol feels the need to show more matches. Of course a decent run in the CL would have at least secured a UEFA spot but now we can't count on that for more TV options. Take care.
  6. GianPaolo

    GianPaolo New Member

    Apr 20, 2004
    Long Island, NY
    I would post alot more about Roma but i don't have cable/rai and can't get any info about calcio and i got a dial up modem which is REALLy stressfull which makes me limit my online time severly. Also i'm about to move again and finding time to look for info on Roma is getting tough.

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