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    yesterday evening i was having a drink with soem friends and discussing football etc etc and all of a sudden it took a turn.
    we came up with soem atg teams (from our favorite clubs) but the rule was it should not contain the usuals names (so in case of for example an all time ajax we should use other names then van basten rijkaard cruyff etc etc).
    so i tried to make up an ATG dutch team without them usual names but came to the conclusion that it still was a superb team filled with high qualitie players.

    goal : frans de munck. maybe not to well knowned in foreign nations, but an incredible goalkeeper refused an offer from barcelona in 1947 because he wanted to be able to play for dutch NT 9in those days proffessional players werent allowed in the NT).
    leftback : hugo hovenkamp. did not have the attackign qualities of krol or f. de boer but a rockhard solid back he was.
    rightback : ben wijnstekers. good solid defender.
    central defender : aad mansveld another player not to wellknown outside holland but a great sweeper he was. had the bad luck he got injured before the 1974 WC otherwise quite possible would have played instead of haan.
    central defender : cor van der hart
    left midfield : edgar davids he was known well enough but 9 outta 10 times this spot is given to willem van hanegem in a atg dutch team
    defensive midfield : jan wouters, normally this position is given to rijkaard or haan but wouters was a great defensive midfielder, played a.o. for ajax, psv and bayern munich and we all remeber how he turned the game agaisnt england around by breaking gascoignes jaw hahaha)
    rightmidfielder : clarence seedorf. unbelievable but true seedorf played only 87 games for national team and most coaches did not select seedorf anymore for NT but the man won 4 championleagues played for ajax, inter and ac milan, sampdoria and real madrid and was a keyplayer in all the successes of those clubs
    attacking midfielder : willy van der kuijlen..not commonly known outside holland played only 22 games for national team due to arguemnts between him and on the iother side cruyff and neeskens. but what a player willy was. all tiem topscorer of the dutch competition with 311 goals. was totally 2 legged
    left forward : abe lenstra a legendary dutch player scored 33 times in 47 games for the national team should have been way more but did not play for national team for a certain period due to disagreements, could easily played in foreing competitions but refused to leave holland and turned down offer from clubs like inter milan and fiorentina.
    right forward : faas wilkes. the childhood hero of johan cruyff. 35 goals in 38 games for national team. first dutch proffessional player so not to many games in national team due to becomming proffessional. played for clubs as torino and inter milan and valencia (in spain one year he was voted best foreing player over the likes of players such as di stefano and kubala this shows how good he was)

    i dare to say this dreamteam is better then the dutch team from 1988 and also that of 1978.

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