Not a good day: destroyed DVD-rom drive...

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Iceblink, Sep 3, 2007.

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    Looks like my four-year-old destroyed my DVD-Rom drive. As a result I have two questions.

    1. I had an office 2003 disc in there. It got smashed in the drive. no idea how he managed to do it, but he was sitting here earlier today. The disc is ruined with little pieces of it falling out everywhere. So question #1 is... what can I do about the disc that was destroyed? Will Microsoft send me a replacement or anything? I'd hate to think I'd have to buy it all over again. I still have my product key for the program.

    2. What about the drive? Is this something that can be fixed? I actually think I got most of the pieces out. I stuck in a DVD, and it started playing... but then, when I was selecting a chapter, it started making a pretty awful noise. So it's broken. Will I have to buy a new dvd-rom and have it installed? Will this screw any warranty I have?
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    that sucks and I hope you get things fixed. if you have the product key you should definitely call. I had somethng simliary ... i had to reboot off my Mac OSX disc but it wasn't working so they sent me a new one. Granted, it was Apple and not MS but I would hope they'd help you out.
    best of luck.
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    not to be an advocate of piracy, but you should be able to use your serial key on another copy of that disk. Microsoft usualy has all CD software coded to use any legal key. In fact, with the newer software you are buying they key, not necessarily the software itself (ie, vista cds are all the same, your key unlocks and installs the verion you pay for) Im not sure how legal this is though, so a quick read throught the EUL might be in order.

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