Nicaragua's Operation Clean-up: Ortega's regime kills hundreds of civilians

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    Daniel Ortega's security forces and paramilitary "Shock Forces" launch "Operation Clean-up", attacking peaceful demonstrators and killing hundreds of civilians. As some of my Nicaraguan friends and colleagues weep for their country and their loved ones, I wonder for how long the world can stand by, watch, and do nothing, while Latin American leaders like Ortega and Venezuela's Maduro continue to egregiously violate human rights.

    A few human rights group try to shine a spotlight on the situation, with little success, and the toothless UN feebly calls for "an end to violence", but the attacks on civilians - and the members of the clergy who try to mediate for them - continue to escalate and are mostly ignored by the rest of the world.

    I wonder, where is the outrage? Has government sponsored violence become acceptable to the point that we all turn a blind eye and let it be while saying and doing nothing?
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    For far too long.

    But hey, some Latin American countries signed some strong worded letter, that will teach Ortega and Maduro.

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