Nicaragua relegated to Nations League B/Kicked out of Gold Cup for ineligible player

Discussion in 'CONCACAF' started by SirFozzie, Jun 12, 2023.

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    Nicaragua kicked out of the gold cup and relegated to CONCACAF Nations League B after it was found they used an ineligible player in 8 matches. Trinidad and Tobago takes their spot in both the Gold Cup and CONCACAF Nations League A. (Antigua/Barbuda takes T&T's GC preliminary round spot)

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    I feel bad for the players. They had a pretty good team set up for the Gold Cup .
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    How in the world did they think they would get away with fielding an ineligible player?
    Boggles my mind.
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    ECU showed them the way, that's how.

    Funny thing is that Concacaf threw them out of Gold Cup 2023 because the ineligible Uruguayan player participated in 8 Gold Cup qualifying matches.

    What about the matches he played for Nicaragua in WC qualifiers (March - June 2021)? Just watch Concacaf do nothing about that, just like Conmebol did.

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