News: Zamparini delighted with Rossi work at Palermo

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    Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini admits he's delighted with their progress under coach Delio Rossi.

    Rossi's team is now fifth in Serie A, just three points outside the lucrative Champions League places.

    “How can I not be happy? I hoped for this 3-0 but I didn't expect it. I am very happy with the performance from the lads and the youngsters in particular,” Zamparini told

    “I am a little bit more happy because we have beaten Fiorentina. Let's say that it's better to beat Fiorentina than Milan.

    “We have to take each game at a time without dreaming. Rossi got it right when he said that it's up to the fans to dream, not us. But I have to say that I didn't see the stadium all that full. We hope that it fills up like in Naples.”


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