News: USA legend Bahr excited about Philadelphia Union

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    Feb 25, 2005
    One of the greatest USA soccer players in history, Walter Bahr, says he is excited about incoming MLS club Philadelphia Union.

    82-year old Bahr, a Philadelphia native, is looking forward to having a new team in the city and says Phillie’s rich soccer culture is sure to make the franchise a success.

    "The first team that ever represented the United States in an international game overseas [in 1916] had three or four Philadelphians on the team," he noted.

    Bahr believes Philadelphia has ‘always been a good soccer town’ and says the fact there is finally a new stadium for a new club is great for the sport and can create an identity for the Union.

    "When you're taking the profits from parking and hot dogs and everything else, that adds a lot to your budget," he said. "And that gives a team a home, a little identity."


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