News: Liverpool boss Benitez: No doubting Gerrard commitment

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    Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez insists there can be no doubts about the commitment of Steven Gerrard.

    Fears have grown among Liverpool fans in recent weeks that their star player and talisman is considering his options, following rumours that he has fallen out with his manager.

    Both men were at pains last week to condemn speculation over a bust-up, but that did little to quell the idea that Gerrard seemed less than motivated before he picked up a hamstring injury a fortnight ago.

    "I don't have any doubt at all about Gerrard's commitment - and nobody at this club has in an way," Benitez explained.

    "Yes, he can maybe play better or he can play worse, but he will always try, that is absolutely guaranteed.

    "People have talked about his form, but the consistency of form is something you can only find when you train every week and have training sessions in a row.

    "If you are injured and have to start again, then it's difficult for any player to show his best, be it Gerrard, Torres, Benayoun or whoever."


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