News: Houston fancies Dundee Utd job until end of season

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    Peter Houston's future as Dundee United manager will be decided at a meeting with chairman Stephen Thompson on Monday.

    Houston has guided United to four consecutive wins and, after being unwilling to commit, is prepared to stay until the summer when he join the Scotland coaching team.

    "I have not been offered it so this is entirely hypothetical, but I'm being asked about the job all the time, which I suppose is natural after winning four games," said Houston. "So I am going to sit down on Monday with the chairman and get a final say to bring the matter to an end."

    He added: "I would take it to the end of the season if he lets me go to help Scotland.

    "This would mean bringing in another coach - whether it be Brian Grant promoted from the youths or whatever - and I'm assured it won't affect my position at the end of the season.

    "Regardless of what happens I would still want to be here as assistant and Gary Kirk as coach, even if he does bring a new man in."

    Houston said: "Craig has asked me to help him with Scotland and I really want to do that.

    "I think it will be good for me. The Czech Republic game is on the Wednesday and we don't play until the Sunday so I'd like to go.

    "But we'd need someone else here because we're a man down at the moment and everyone's workload has increased. So I have a lot of questions for the chairman as well."


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