News: Bolton boss Coyle denies being banished by Burnley

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    Bolton Wanderers boss Owen Coyle insists he was never banished to gardening leave in his final days at Burnley.

    Coyle denied he was placed on "gardening leave" after making his desire to join Bolton known to the board at Turf Moor, and insisted he did everything in his power to ensure Burnley received a fair compensation package.

    "There has been some misinformation flying around about me and my staff leaving," Coyle said.

    "For three days I sat on alleged gardening leave. There was no facility in my contract for gardening leave at Burnley Football Club, but I kept a dignified silence and said nothing for three days.

    "I sat to make sure that Burnley got the compensation they were due. I wasn't one to start throwing mud, I just sat and let people say what they wanted to say, knowing that I conducted myself (well) every step along the way."


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