New Yorkers Are Just so Much Smarter than the Rest of Us

Discussion in 'Bill Archer's Guestbook' started by Bill Archer, Nov 4, 2004.

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    No shock that someone droped a redneck bomb almost before I had to scroll down to read the rest of the article.

    "New York is an island off the coast of Europe," ... that's funny on a number of levels.

    It's a familiar feeling. Here in ol' Blue State Maryland, I can list you the number of Republicans I know on one hand, with a finger to spare for when the arguments get heated. I've been joking with my Dem friends that even though there are only 4 of us Reps, we managed to vote 59 million times, it's the darndest thing. :)
  3. Flyer Fan

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    Apr 18, 1999
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    What a bunch of dickbags. It's that outlook that I find so insulting. What is it about mass public transportation that make people so superior and more worldly? F them.
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    That's funny...I felt the same way about New York and how they felt about

    That's funny...I know first hand that the power bill that you're paying online (if you're so 2000s) was built in the Midwest.

    I also felt like I was in a timewarp because well...New York is a filthy city with narrow streets. It was of them gets why Kerry was a bad candidate...

    I have at least 2 sets of gay neighbors in my development and I don't live in German Village.

    As usual, the problem is, these people have never left New York. I left the East Coast and saw what the midwest was like. I settled on Ohio as it seemed to mix most with my values which are not East Cost, but not Deep South either. I also live in a city, which, well...means that:

    Yup...that's right...I like to work hard and acheive. It's amazing that cities do exist out here...there's even big ones called Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston on the way between the coasts as well.

    This was a great article Bill. I can't wait to read the next one to continue to confirm the reasons I moved away from the east coast.
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    As a native and twice transplanted New Yorker, I want you all to note that many of the obxixous New Yorkers are really from somewhere else and they are trying to prove their superiority over the folks “back home.â€
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    You pretty much described a good portion of LA as well.

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