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    May 12, 2000
    Dunfermline 0-0 Hibernian.

    Dunfermline and Hibs were the guinea pigs for the new artificial pitch the Fifers will be using this season as part of a Uefa experiment.

    But it did not prove to be the recipe for goals as neither side were able to pass as slickly they might have expected on an ideal surface.

    Earlier, Fallon had said he was worried that the new pitch, installed as part of a Uefa experiment, could result in injuries.

    "I am totally surprised that the SPL have allowed it and will risk millions of pounds worth of talent on an untried synthetic pitch," he told the Daily Record.

    "I can't imagine any player looking forward to it and I believe that they are the ones who should have been consulted first before going ahead with the plans.

    "My opinion is that this surface could lead to long-term damage, with pelvic and knee problems the most prominent concern."

    Dunfermline are the only British club to take up the offer of a £125,000 grant from Uefa to instal the new experimental surface.

    Former Liverpool and Wales striker Ian Rush joined former France striker Jean Pierre Papin and former Germany forward Karl Heinz Riedle at East End Park to promote the new surface.

    Rush said: "It is the way forward for Europe. It has give in it like grass and always gives a true bounce."

    I went to the game, and I have to say that I think this type of surface is the future, particularly in countries with a poor climate like Scotland. It gives a great surface to play passing football (pity that we don't have any decent players to play on it, ;)) and will be far superior to the mudheaps we see in mid-winter. It should also save a lot of costs in maintaining the pitch condition, which is important in leagues with smaller clubs. (might take a while to load, pictures of Dunfermline's stadium and new pitch).
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    What is the manufacturer of that surface? I looked at the pictures, even some of the ones from the past when they were installing the pitch, and it does not look like Field Turf to me. It looks like tiles of plastic grass on top of concrete! Eeek!

    Okay, I answered my own question. It is XL Turf.

    Heh, the guy in this picture is resting comfortably on his new rubber latex mattress:

    Tearing up the grass like that makes me so sad: 100803.jpg

    - Paul
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    Forget the pitch - how was the sing-song with The Proclaimers?
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    May 12, 2000
    To be honest, I didn't see (or hear) them. Presumably they didn't turn up.

    But Papin, Rush and Riedle did turn up and take penalties at half-time (all of which were converted, of course).

    But seriously, the point of this is that this is a new type of turf that is being experimented with at a fairly high level (which indicates a degree of confidence that it will be important).

    Typically for Scotland, there has been more than a dose of scepticism, but it looked pretty good to me. It also looked like a surface that will encourage good technical football, since it runs quickly and true. So perhaps if it is implemented more widely it will discourage the long-ball culture we have to a certain extent.

    It is also very important in the sense that helps training because the pitch is always available (even in our winters) and maintains its condition.
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    4 CFL teams (Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, and Winnipeg) have new generation turf in their stadiums.

    Montreal and Ottawa have also hosted soccer games on this turf.

    Biggest complainers: The Brazilian women. Then again, they always complain.:D

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