News: New MLS Anthem by Hans Zimmer

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    Dude, I was there at ground zero for that. It's debut was at old Foxboro Stadium. Philips (or Panasonic) paid to have something like 1200 long sleeve Sam's Army t-shirts with the words on the back.

    I consider it the nadir of Sam's Army. For five or six years, Sam's Army had been trying to get the entire stadium to sing or chant the same thing in support of the USMNT.

    Finally, they had federation buy-in - to the point that they allowed them to make the shirts for everyone in the supporters end, they were widely distributing word sheets throughout the stadium, they were putting the words on the video board, and they actually put a hand held microphone in the center of the supporters section to lead the cheer.

    That mic got handed around like a hot potato. It was embarrassing. This was the chance. It didn't matter how terrible it was, if the whole stadium was doing it, that would've been the starting point.

    If I hadn't been tasked with protecting cut-out Cobi (another story for another day) from an overly inebriated @MagpieFan, I would've grabbed the mic.
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