new Le Mans stadium in 2009

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    Mans: the new stage in 2009 (10/09/2007)
    Invited on RMC, the president of the million u.a. 72 Henri Legarda returned in details on the construction of the new stage. If the plans and the site have been already known for several months, the invitation to tender for the realization of the building site should be launched in mid-October. The beginning of work is envisaged with next March, for a delivery in July 2009. The stage will have a capacity of 25 000 places and will bear the name of a sponsor, thus making it possible the club to recover between 1,5 and 2 million euros per annum. Three companies are in string: Bouygues, Vivendi and Colony. (By Pierre Lopes)
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    MUC = Le Mans Union Club ;)
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    I'm glad to see Le Mans getting a new stadium. That will make the team more attractive, and the money will go a long way in their budget, as they have one of the lowest revenues in the league.
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    Save some bucks to invest in a new logo too...

    That for you guys at Lorient as well ! :mad:

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