Never heard a sweeter sounding word than Feyenoord part 2

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    This article analyses this season's transfer policies of Feyenoord, Ajax and PSV.

    Feyenoord opts for a different strategy than 'big spenders' Ajax and PSV: 'Don't want to make the same mistake as before'.
    The differences became crystal clear this summer. Ajax continues to spend a lot of money, even if it is on a different type of player than before, PSV takes plenty of risks and Feyenoord skippers between past and present.

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    Nice win today and good to see both Ivanusec and Lingr pick up assists in their first Feyenoord match.

    It looks to me that PSV might be the early title favorites; however. They have picked up some good attackers to go with Luuk.
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  3. Indeed nice win. Sloppy finishing spoiled things a bit. Should have been about 8 goals. Didnot watch with full attention as I had to do things too, but it was nice to see Timber took our criticism to heart:D and play a good match overall.
    One thing I'm a bit worried about with the coming match against Celtic. Slot really has to practice defending corners, as that has been sub par since the start of the season and you can't have that with a looming confrontation with a British team.
    Wieffer coming into his stride again and Stengs pretty solid and getting better each match.
    Slot got the mojo running again.
    We will take them down in the next confrontation.:)
    They indeed seem to be the most serious competitor for the title, but now Hatzidiakos stays with AZ I consider them as well.

  4. It helps when you debute in a functional team with players who know what to do.
    Ivanusec is a huge asset in my opinion, as he looks like a player who knows when to keep control and temporize the play up or down.

  5. Feyenoord goes around the world with hilarious video: no less than 10.7 million views FC Update on|2 hours ago Feyenoord is having a lot of fun with Yankuba Minteh's goal in the match against FC Utrecht. A TikTok video of Feyenoord, showing the goal, has now been viewed no less than 10.7 million times.

  6. :rolleyes:
    When we don't need it we get injured players back from international duty.
    Ayase Ueda and Geertruidainjured with these upcoming matches
    16 september,16.30 uur:
    Feyenoord - sc Heerenveen

  7. UK publications on Feyenoord
    Feyenoord on ice ahead of Celtic clash as only FIVE players limber up a week before Champions League showdown
    [​IMG]Daily Record on|14 hours ago
    To add to the woes, first-team regular Lutsharel Geertruida missed the Netherlands clash with Ireland however it is believed he could recover in time to start against Celtic. He's expected to miss Feyenoord's game with Heerenveen at the weekend though and a decision over whether he makes it against the Hoops could go down to the wire.
    'Ueda adds to Feyenoord problems ahead of Celtic game'
    [​IMG]BBC|14 hours ago
    Feyenoord forward Ayase Ueda has added to a looming selection crisis for head coach Arne Slot going into the Champions League group stage opener against Celtic after he picked up a knock while on international duty with Japan (Daily Record)

  8. upload_2023-9-16_18-29-17.png

    Feyenoord swings past Heerenveen and is ready for Celtic at home
    The current Feyenoord creates so many chances that it no longer seems to matter who is in the striker position. Giménez scored but also saw his replacements Minteh and Lingr as deep strikers score 6-1.

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    Nat'l Team:
    Heerenveen were awful.
    The lack of defending was truly disgraceful.
    Noppert looked quite suspect also.
    Completely unimpressed by him.
    The Goal Feyenoord allowed was quite poor too.
  10. "I really have yet to see Feyenoord win against Celtic and Ajax," concludes Van Hanegem. "Just as well that it is nonsense that Ajax could not win against Olympique Marseille and Feyenoord. A lot can change in football in a few days."

    Willem spouting crap again. What's going on atm at Ajax isnot an issue of form of players/team, but a complete mismatch of players and style of play. That's not a thing you can change in a couple of days and certainly not something that magically clicks pins into the right holes.

    Can someone kick this nuthead into a geriatric home.
    Of course Ajax can win from us. That's the nature of a football match.
    I've seen us lose from teams worse that the today's Ajax, but to talk as if a magical resurrection of Ajax within a week is a realistic option is simply "krankjorum".

  11. Frontline puzzle for Slot against Celtic.
    Slot hints at a starting spot for Minteh "I think everyone knows for sure who is going to be in the team," Slot said at the press conference ahead of the Champions League clash with Celtic. "We're going to start with three players who can play on the left wing, all three can play as strikers and two of those guys are also excellent on the right. There will be phases in the game where we will make position changes." Slot seems to indicate that Feyenoord's frontline will consist of Luka Ivanusec, Igor Paixão and Minteh on Tuesday. For Slot it was a bit of a puzzle, but the trainer hopes to make his attackers perform optimally. "Igor Paixão and Minteh are very good in depth, Luka Ivanusec very good in the ball. Hopefully he'll be menacing in his game off the ball soon. The shape of the day of those players and making the right choices will lead to goals."

    Slot is certainly pleased with the Croatian international, who, according to the coach, gives Feyenoord more options. "We got a player with him, who easily converts promising situations into goals."

  12. upload_2023-9-18_20-26-39.png
    Hato celebrating Feyenoord's 2017 title:)
  13. upload_2023-9-19_13-29-45.png
    There's not much Scottish about Celtic, so it's not going to be kick and rush football.
    They are in play style philosophy more like Feyenoord, PSV, AZ and Ajax.
    So it's not going to be an easy match.
    From their last match against Dundee however I noticed something odd.

    Out of 74% possession they only produced 7 shots on target, out of 19 total shots.
    Their front line seems to be all Asian.

  14. Celtic thoughts on Feyenoord and history between the two clubs:
    Can Asian tinted Celtic swing in the Kuip cause Feyenoord problems

    Celtic's last victory on Dutch soil was in 2001, when Ajax were beaten 3-1 in the preliminary rounds of the Champions League.
    Since then, they have not won against FC Utrecht (4-0 in 2010), Ajax (1-0 in 2013 and 2-2 in 2015) and AZ (2-1 in 2021)

    It will be interesting to see how Celtic fares when they don't have overwhelming possession and are being chased.
  15. Probable line up of the teams:
    Feyenoord: Wellenreuther; Geertruida, Trauner, Hancko, Hartman; Wieffer, Stengs, Timber; Minteh, Paixão, Ivanusec
    Celtic: Hart; Johnston, Lagerbielke, Scales, Taylor; Hatate, O'Riley, McGregor; Yang, Kyogo, Maeda
  16. Quite weird the clubs never met again in European confrontations since the 1970 Final!
    I was there:):inlove:
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  17. upload_2023-9-20_0-0-7.png upload_2023-9-19_23-59-17.png
    The match in the first half was boring to the hilt. Cluttered play in the midfield with both teams not very precise in their short passing in that stuffed part of the pitch. Also very careful, cautious, risk averse play from both sides without much difference in control.
    Second half that changed with Feyenoord more aggressive play and Celtic not able to put much against it, resulting in two red cards.
    Missing a true striker became visible as certain situations should have ended in chances and several chances that did occur were poorly handled.
    Anyway, coefficient points gathered and the two strong opponents lost two points.
    Up to sunday, unfortunately most likely without our very good starting Ivanusec, who twisted his ankle. hope it turns out for the best, but not holding my breath. We do have the benefit of 2 days more recovery time than Ajax.

  18. Robin van Persie did give the first team example of how to do things against Celtic, with the U19 Youth League match against the U19 from Celtic with a 3-0 victory.
    With the great talents Antoni Milambo and Gjivai Zechiël, but also with the only 16-year-old Thijs Kraaijeveld as number 10 in the second half, the Van Persie Celtic team showed all corners of the field for 90 minutes. The Scots were not involved and tried to limit the damage with a mega-defensive tactic – parking the bus they call it in the Premier League – against feyenoord's very attacking team.
    The more than two thousand spectators, including many former players and Santiago Gimenez, who was suspended for Feyenoord against Celtic in the Champions League, saw beautiful examples of football. Van Persie seems to have as attacking ideas as Arne Slot as a coach and perhaps he is even more extreme in his way of attacking and dominating.

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  19. Celtic clash reported in Brasil too:
    O Celtic desabou com as expulsões e abriu alas para uma boa estreia do Feyenoord
    [​IMG]trivela|14 hours ago
    Na reedição da final da Champions de 1970, o Celtic até começou melhor, mas o Feyenoord abriu o placar e aproveitou duas expulsões

    Resultado do jogo Feyenoord x Celtic hoje, 19/9: veja o placar e estatísticas da partida
    [​IMG]Diario do Nordeste|17 hours ago
    Nesta terça-feira, 19 de setembro, em Rotterdam, o jogo Feyenoord x Celtic, terminou com o placar 2 - 0. A partida corresponde à 1ª rodada do Grupo E da Champions LeagueGOLS E ESTATÍSTICAS DE Feyenoor
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    Nat'l Team:
    Totally forgot to give my thoughts on the match yesterday.
    I found it to be very sloppy and lacking creatively from Feyenoord.
    2-0 playing against 9 was not great, but a win is a win.
    Feyenoord defensively are suspect when pressed Trauner especially.
    Better match from Stengs yesterday, but he still needs to be cleaner with the ball.
    Terrible job by Joe Hart on the free kick.
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  21. VI ratings for the SC Heerenveen match:


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