PBP: Netherlands vs Denmark: June 9 - Metalist Stadium [R]

Discussion in 'Group B - Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal' started by JaredSS07, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. VFish

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    Jan 7, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    We'd have missed the PK anyway, especially on a day like today. Congrats to the Danes. Feck, it is must win now to the Dutch, unfortunately it doesn't like this defense is up to the challenge.
  2. VFish

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    Jan 7, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    Why? They continued attacking even when they went up a goal and to be honest the Danes showed how vunerable we are at the back. Holland's only chance against Germany and Portugal is to score first.

    It doesn't look good, but we lost our first game in 1988 and still found the magic to lift the trophy in the end. Hup, Holland, Hup!
  3. the fumbler

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    Nov 17, 2003
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    Good post!

    I think it was Holland's midfield that failed today. They didn't put pressure on the ball and allowed Denmark to play some decent passing football. Van Bommel and de Jong are simple not thinking fast enough when in ball control. It takes to long and it allowed the danes to get in position. Robben was horrible.
    Holland is not out, but I get the feeling that their squad is in unbalance or unhappy or under too much pressure. I think they have some serious work to do if they want to go through to the next round.
  4. Sian

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    Dec 4, 2011
    Midfield and the accuacy (or rather, lack of) in the danish box was the main contributers to the Dutch loss

    Idle question ... do Dutch prefer Holand or Netherlands?
  5. danish

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    Jun 7, 2012
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    Spot on. I was expecting Kjær to be terrible. A week or so ago Roma even decided to not use their buy option on Kjær, so he is likely going back to Wolfsburg too. Ah well.

    Sneijder was a highlight though. What a fantastic player. His long pass to Huntelaar was simply brilliant and as good as it will ever get. What a wonderful player the Dutch have in him.
  6. Sian

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    Dec 4, 2011
    just sad that Netherlands couldn't hit the side of a barn today
  7. thepremierleague

    Mar 14, 2001
    Nat'l Team:
    England have had this problem for 20 years.
  8. Quackmore

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    Jun 5, 2011
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    Our coach is a tactical dimwit, that's the problem. Not our players.
  9. lost

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    May 24, 2006
    holland were stupid. they didnt try and carve anything clear cut, just long shots and speculative 1-2s around the box. when this didnt work, they acted like they had suffered some kind of injustice by not having scored. calmer heads would have helped. hate making comparisons to germany, but not a single german attacker would get into this dutch side. they were playing pretty crap, but still kept looking for the simple goal, and eventually they got some luck and a goal. now holland has played into their hands, as germany do not need to even avoid defeat to the dutch, whereas the dutch have to try to get 3 points. germany can just relax, play to their team shape , avoid risks and concentrate on creating a goal at some point. holland will be running at 1000 miles an hour looking to win the match as soon as possible. hope the dutch keep the group alive but i think germany will ko them.
  10. pablo85

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    Jul 22, 2007
    2 dutch coastal provinces are called north and south holland, for centuries the major economic places of the Netherlands. Sometimes people from other area's whine about always using the term Holland, but overall nobody cares.

    Ontopic: It's like this for over a year.
    1. Nice until the box, then they don't know what to do.
    2. Defense was already weak, but we've had injuries, now even weaker..we got some talents in Holland, but our coach is a conservative p*ssy, opposite of the Dutch mentality, selects 35 y/olds.
    3. The coaches' son in law is Mark van Bommel, he will never get substituted. He's 35, and captain, but he isn't worth anything. Even when he got a yellow card he still replaced De Jong (who share the same position).

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