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Discussion in 'FIFA and Tournaments' started by BMike86, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I dont know where I had read this article. it may have been with Big Soccer, or I had found it on Soccernet or SkySports or something. But the article was about the Champions League competition and success by jersey colors. I believe it was like red was first and white was second and the rest were way far behind when it came to winning the competition. basically the article talked about when the mind sees certain colors the body is signaled to speed up with bright colors like orange or red and will calm down with colors of purple or blue. it also came with a table of all the different colored shirts the past 40 or 50 years the cup has existed, im pretty positive the tournament before CL was also included since CL hasnt been around too long.

    Basically I need that article because I am working on a hypothesis for an experiment with blood pressure in my bio class at the university and I feel it would be very beneficial if i could get my hands on it. I have been looking all day and cant remember where i found it. If anyone finds them I will thank them now enormously and will get mad style cred for ever! (lol, i know its not much i can give, but its somethin).

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