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Discussion in 'Houston Dynamo' started by bford, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I just joined up on this new site called fanIQ. It seems pretty cool. I've started several Soccer polls and I'd like to see some more people participate. I think the site is a really good idea.

    You get points for making prediction in certain polls. If you pick what happens, then you get some points. If you are wrong you lose points. You start with a fanIQ of 100. You can't go below that, so don't worry. You can go really high, depending on how well you predict things.

    Anyway, I'm trying to get the soccer area off the ground. You can also take baseball polls, college football and basketball, the NFL, NHL, NBA, nascar and many others.

    I've already started several MLS polls, so stop by, sign up and show me what you got. We can still do our Dynamo polls here also.

    here's the link


    LET'S GO DYNAMO!!!!!!!!!!


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