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    This came up on another thread. Do Red carded players have to leave the facility in NCAA games or can they stay on the bench. A player was made to leave the facility in the HU/Brown men's game and I do not remember seeing that in other college games. (There was no additional behavior beyond the foul. Took his red and sat quietly on the bench)To my recollection the booked player in college games was allowed to stay on the bench.
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    The official was correct.

    NCAA rule 12.16.1

    ...Further, a player(s), coach or other bench personnel removed from the game and/ or serving a game suspension(s) shall be restricted to the designated spectator areas and prohibited from any communication or contact, direct or indirect, with the team, coaches and/or bench personnel from the start of the contest to its completion, including all overtime periods.
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    May 6, 2001
    Thanks for this. I guess he was half correct. He sent him to the locker room (across the street), not the stands.

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