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    I'm running behind watching the DVRd recording of this game and noticed the same thing. Arlo is now the Chicago Fire announcer. Was that his choice or did NBC dump him? I like Drury but I also liked White and thought White provided the needed insight having lived in the US but also being English and starting his career in England.
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    I think his contract was up and from what Arlo posted on Twitter at the time it sounded like they couldn’t agree to terms.

    of course a week later White was hired by the Saudis to do commentary on their golf tour. Who knows what happened but White may have been negotiating with both sides simultaneously and when NBC wouldn’t meet his demands he chose the Saudi blood money.

    The Fire thing was probably a year long deal that obviously ends with the new MLS / Apple deal next year.

    I like White’s commentary, but I lost respect for him when he signed on to the Saudi deal.
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    I and my family want to genuinely thank NBC this weekend.

    They put only 2 matches on TV, one of which was Arsenal thankfully. Virtually everything was on Peacock.

    If they end up putting more stuff back on TV and my DVR in subsequent weekends, then I’m sure I’ll be watching more of their content in a friction-free, time-shifted, spoiler-free way.

    But their decision this weekend really freed my time up for other things.

    This is the honest truth but obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek. I’ve been a paying subscriber to Gold/Peacock for quite a few years now.

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