Nat Borchers [R] CHI v COL 10/1

Discussion in 'Youth National Teams' started by voros, Oct 2, 2003.

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    Here's a link to the recap from MLSnet:

    I watched this game (mostly), and Nat Borchers played out of his tree, again. It didn't go unnoticed by MLSnet who named him Man of the Match in the 1-1 draw.

    Does he have time to claw his way into the picture for the Olympic Squad or would Mooch simply be more comfortable with central defenders he's familiar with and that are familiar with each other?
  2. dred

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    Nov 7, 2000
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    Some folks have been talking up Borchers for Athens all season long. He's the only U23 defender that's gotten consistent pro play. I think Mooch would be nuts not to include him.

    Heck, is he worse than Berhalter? Give him a senior callup.
  3. bigdush

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    Jul 22, 2003
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    Mooch IS nuts.................

    That sucks too because Borchers has shut em all down.
  4. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    I watched that game and Borchers was great.

    He bodies well but really sets him apart is his ability to read a play quickly and slide over and provide cover. This is a guy who in the very near future could easily be a sweeper in a 3-5-2. That's a hard position for kids to play and there are a lot of backs in MLS who are more experienced that can't do it. But, Borchers can. He's just a very good player.

    I don't see how Mooch can ignore him and maintain any credibility.

    The guy has played more in MLS than any other U23 defender (and only a hadnful of U23 players at any position have played more) and he's has played well for a playoff team, one that would be dispaointed if it didn't make it to the conference finals.

    His play should warrant a look on its own merit, but when you compare how much he's played to the other U23 defenders, it's alomost inconceivable that he would get called in.

    Nat Borchers - 19 games/18 starts, 1731 minutes
    Kelly Gray - 24/16 1550
    Ricky Lewis - 9/5 530
    Kenny Arena - 9/5 453
    Tim Regan - 11/3 422
    Nelson Akwari - 10/4 398
    Philip Salyer - 6/4 396
    Jose Burciaga - 4/4 347
    Jack Jewsbury - 2/1 61
    David Stokes - 0/0 0
    Scot Thompson - 0/0 0

    (Gray, who also has played some at MF, is the only one of them to get on the scoresheet. He has 2 goals and an assist.)

    Obviously, if Burciaga doesn't get hurt, he likely leads this list but that shouldn't diminish what Borhcers has done.

    He also has some competition in Europe in the form of Oguchi Onyewu, Alex Yi, Zak Whitbread and Frank Simek. However, of those four, Gooch is the only one who is playing first team ball regularly.

    To be clear, I'm not saying we should pencil this guy in for a spot in Athens, but, the next time the 23s get together, I see no way Mooch can justify not bringing this guy in for a look. If the other guys in camp show they are better and beat him out, I have no problem with not calling him back in. But to ignore him altogether, especially when defense isn't exactly a strength of the U23 pool, would be a dereliction of duty.
  5. Shaster

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    Apr 13, 1999
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    If you know that Bocanegra wasn't in last Olympic, then everything is possible. In a 18 men roster, we only have 6 defenders. So only three central defenders will be taken. Anyone who can play both defense at inside or outside such as Whitbread has an edge. So is guy like Gray who can play both defense and midfield.

    1) If Onyewu can play a full season of first team, then with his ability to play in both center and right, he will be in.
    2) If USA is positioned to WIN the gold, USSF may want to through Boca/Gibbs in if it can greatly improve the team.
    3) Whitbread if he can break into the EPL play for some of times, he will make at least a sub slot. So are both Simak/Spector.
    4) Convey/Gray can make the team as a defender if they have problem to make as midfielders. With the shift of Convey to defender allocation, Adu may get one slot in the midfield.
  6. phills

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    Nov 24, 1999
    Mooch lives in colorado and goes to all the games so i am sure he watched borchers and will include him in the camps etc.
  7. jeffmefun

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    Apr 26, 2001
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    Shaster - is there something I'm missing here? Why would Convey be at risk of making this team as a middie?
  8. Shaster

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    Apr 13, 1999
    El Cerrito, CA, USA
    What I mean is that Convey can use the spot for defender to save a spot for midfielder.

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