NASL Comeback 2021 - A truly National League

Discussion in 'NASL' started by hipityhop, Sep 11, 2020.

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    Man a new league with the NY Cosmos as the anchor team!!!

    Eastern Division

    NY Cosmos
    Puerto Rico LIONS FC
    Jacksonville Armada Pirates United FC
    Real Miami FC
    Quebec Frenchmen

    Western Division

    LA Aztecs FC of Anaheim
    Oklahoma City SC United (OK city needs another team!)
    Tulsa Drillers
    Hawaii Islanders
    Edmonton Snow Monkey Pirates FC

    Play a 30 game season (4 times against each team in their division 16 games)
    Home and home against the other division (10 games)
    And 4 games in July and August against guest teams from Europe (All the teams from the Champions League Quarterfinals.. games to be played at a location chosen by the European team)

    8 teams make the playoffs .... first round home and home (away goals decide tiebreaker)

    2 round home and home (away goals decide tiebreaker)

    Final is one off game played at the home field of the New York Cosmos and the YES sports network will have exclusive television rights.

    How could this not possibly work ??
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    Let's count the ways ...
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    Have we noticed that any league Cosmos have anchored dies...

    NPSL Founders Cup

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