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    What's the prognosis on Namoff? I thought I read that his operation was for a double hernia, but he was expected back in four weeks. Can this be?

    In my mind he is our best defender, and one of our most versatile players. Presuming that our new Argie will start somewhere on the back line (he's not just a center back) and the left back position is Wilson's to lose, it looks as if Bryan would have to beat out Prideaux, Stokes, and possibly Boswell for right back. In top form, I think he could do that, but since the defense hasn't been as big a problem as our lack of offensive punch I wouldn't mind seeing him revert to the midfield, because he combines a real flair for going forward into the offensive third along with his impressive defensive skills.

    In the last month or two of the season I sure want him on the field, along with Quaranta, Guppy, Simms, Moreno, and perhaps Olsen, to make sure we make the playoffs.
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    From the article:

    "Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck, a specialist who has performed this particular surgery on more than 1,000 professional soccer players worldwide, performed the surgeries on July 7 and 8."

    Explains why he went to Germany for surgery.
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    Hasn't the Argentinian been described as a man marker? That would put him on the left or right side of the back three, which since it is only a group of three it's basically having three center backs.

    Wilson and Prideaux have recently been operating in the LCB and RCB roles and Boswell is in the center acting as a sweeper.

    If the Argie is in fact a marker, I wouldn't expect Boswell to be going anywhere without a significant drop off in play.

    If this is the case, it just changes who Namoff will have to deal with in terms of getting more playing time. I could also see Nowak using Bryan in an outside mid role for defensive purposes similar to what he's done with Prideaux in the past. He'd sure as heck be a better defensive option towards the end of a game than Kovalenko, Gros, or Adu on the wings.
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    Maybe he replaces BC as D-mid.
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    It's possible, but I don't see that happening.

    I think that the central midfielders will consist of Gomez, Olsen, and Simms (basically from attacking mid to defensive, although Olsen and Simms will alternate as the holding mid during the game) with the real openings being on the wings. It is also possible for Olsen to be on a wing. Gros and Kovalenko have underwhelmed for the most part lately while Olsen hasn't seen time out on the wings although I felt he did a good job there. Namoff is also one of the fittest guys on the squad which is appropriate for this position.

    A midfield of:




    might be able to do a lot of damage. Keep in mind that through college and his first year at DC, Bryan was an attacking midfielder, and a pretty good one to boot. He had a great number of assists for a rookie despite not really coming into his own until midway through the season. He definitely has the skills to go forward and his stamina is perfectly suited for a 3-5-2 as an outside mid.

    It would also be advantageous towards shutting down and aggressive winger on another team. Namoff could matchup on the side where the better winger plays (like a Henderson, Ralston, etc.) and effectively shut them down and the player on the other side (Dema, Olsen, or Gros) could focus more offensively.

    Now, some might say a player like Gros is fine on the wing and to focus on his play against a player like Klein who he has shut down in more of a wingback role, but it's not that simple. Josh's game is very one dimensional in that whatever he focuses on, he usually does a decent job of. However the result is that the things he doesn't consistantly try to employ in his game drop off drastically. So, in the games against Kansas City, he has done a good job against Klein because it's been very apparant that his orders are to stay on Chris and shut him down. Unfortunately, his offensive play, while not horrible, has suffered in it's final--and most important--stages.

    Ideally, with a fully fit Simms, I would put out something like this:




    Gros could come on for late speed for either winger, and Guppy could come on if the game needs service from the outside or his experience. Also, Dema could be brought off to slide Olsen in the middle, depending on who is having a good match. Carroll can also come in for any of these five to shift the formation into a defensive minded scheme. Finally, Adu can sub in for Gomez or a forward or also in a wing spot if the team is in need of an all out attack.

    Assuming that the Argentinian is a solid player which I think is a safe assumption, then the defense should be able to handle their business a little better, thus taking some pressure off of the midfield that's been there all year. I think that the midfield outlined above would go a long way to providing good two-way play, as all of those players there save Gomez are capable of playing offense and defense. It's also very flexible with substitions depending on how the game is panning out.
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    Namoff healthy and our AAAA turning into a great pickup also gives us the flexibility to run a flat-four backline (which also turns up the pressure in the midfield--through subtracting a position, if nothing else). Or you could run a three-man marking line with Boswell as a true sweeper.

    Bryan healthy just gives us much more to work with, because frankly I don't see how you can keep him off the pitch--he adds too much dimension to the defensive side of the ball, and counter-balances guys like Wilson and Gros on the left.
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    Free Namoff!

    With another option for outside back coming in, Namoff may finally get a chance to play some wing midfielder or even d-mid. I don't know how he would do in either role, but beofre last year I remember Hudson playing Namoff all over the place, and I remember Namoff doing pretty well. Namoff showed what he could do at outside back last year.

    He has the speed, confidence, and enough ball skills to possibly supplant or back up Olsen/Gros. Who knows? I'd like to see him there for a few games. I wonder if he gets this opportunity in practice?

    As others have said, it also gives DC a real option for a 4-back set when that would be the best lineup (with Prideaux playing inside with Boswell.)

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