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    Nov 28, 1998
    Austin, Texas
    I've moved the web site to:

    I have three great matches from the 1991 Women's World Cup:

    - USA vs Sweden
    The USA barely hangs on to win this match 3-2. Sweden misses a penalty kick with about 10 minutes remaining. Mia gets the game winning goal.

    - USA vs Brazil
    The USA cruises to a 5-0 victory on goals by Mia, April Heinrichs, Carin Jennings and Michelle Akers (she was Michelle Akers-Stahl back then.)

    - USA vs Germany
    This was the Semifinal. The "Carin Jennings game."

    I have a nice British documentary about women's soccer that was broadcast in 1995. It's called "Women Footballers of the World".

    Also from England...I have the British broadcasts of most of the USA Men's matches at this year's World Cup.

    If you want copies, just email me at:


  2. DaveBrett

    DaveBrett Member

    Nov 28, 1998
    Austin, Texas
    I found another historic tape:

    1991 USA vs Mexico in Haiti

    Brandi scores five goals in a 12-0 rout. The only problem is that the tape is in French. Other than that it's great.

    My goal is to find a tape of the US Women's National team from the late 80s. It would be nice to see Wendy Gebauer and Amy Allman on the pitch. The US Women's team wasn't broadcast in this country until the 1990s. So if there is a tape out there from the 1980s it would have to be a foreign broadcast.


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