Mundial Sub17 Chile 2015

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    Here are my facts
    Where are yours?

    Anyway Mali are the favorites to win this competition. Ecuador could surprise and go all the way.
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    Nat'l Team:
    That link is out dated as it only considers matches till March of 2005, where the last confontation against an African team was the draw against Cameroon, for the 1998 WC.

    here is the list from ELO, which has considered every match for Chile, till the last one played in Lima, for WC qualifiers, last month :

    Both lists consider last Chile's lost match against an African team, the one from June, 1989 vs. Egypt ( over 25 years ago).

    Since then, truth be told, not many matches have been played against african teams, but since then the most that african teams have achieved, are a few draws, with lots more defeats than any other thing.

    Nevertheless, at youth level tournaments (you name it, u-17, u-20 or u-23), african teams have lots better record than whatever we may have vs. them.

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