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    Nov 4, 2002
    Has anyone else received more than one confirmation number? I just received a second confirmation email. The first was 65xx, and this one was 92xx. I fedexed my order (7:09 delivery) after having no luck with the fax...given the other confirmation numbers posted, I wonder if the 65 was from a fax that went through unbeknownst to me, and the 92 was from the fedex. The response from the Fed earlier was that sending both ways wouldn't disqualify you if it didn't seem like you were trying to take advantage of the system, but I wonder if others got multiple confirmation numbers. I stopped faxing before I went to the FedEx dropoff, so I'm not really sure how this happened.
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    posted in the other thread. This is from USSF

    "We have received
    your e-mail regarding concerns about invalidating your 2006 FIFA World
    Cup Ticket Order Form due to multiple submissions via fax or mail. As
    long as it is clear to U.S. Soccer that the multiple orders forms were a
    result of a faxing error (i.e. automatic re-dial continued to send order
    form, no fax confirmation received therefore order form was also sent
    via mail, etc.), your order form will still be in consideration for
    ticket allocation. "
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    I got two emails, the same #. One was quarantined by my ... err... quarantining service. Oh well
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    Hey, can we have your second confirmation number? We faxed for 32 hours. Couldn't FedEx til Tuesday.

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