MSL History "Game of the Week"East vs West All Stars in Baltimore 2-13-92

Discussion in 'Pro Indoor Soccer' started by Joey Tee, May 2, 2020.

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    Glad I ran upon this one! It's the very best of our indoor heroes battling in Baltimore! The league no longer carries the I in MISL and also is a one division format. The league has shedded several teams at this point, and is clinging on with our most stable franchises. You get a East vs West showdown with an absolute spectacular lineup on each side. The Great Ron Newman leads the West. I can go on for days about the firepower that is featured but you will watch and remember and figure it out on your own. One thing I will point out is that the East is packed with Sidekicks and also the hometown Baltimore Blast, making this one of my favorite All Star games of all time! By the way, I had to wrestle with the tracking like I stole something from an alligator last night...totally worth it!
    Fantastic appearance at Halftime with the one and only Earl Foreman...Commissioner for the second go as well as the original Co-Founder of our precious sport.

    Point of reference here...

    Enjoy!! Stay safe!

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    That alignment produced a rare east-west first round playoffs between Baltimore and San Diego.

    I'm pretty sure the Washington Warthogs played the Sockers in the first round of the playoffs, but I can't remember what the circumstances were.
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    In 1996, the Sockers defeated the Warthogs in the first round of the playoffs 11-2, 6-11, 4-2. The Sockers had finished 1st in the West (3rd overall) with a record of 17-11 and the Warthogs had finished 4th in the East (6th overall) with a record of 13-15.
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    That was a GREAT one. Really enjoyed it. Helps that this was the year before I started following the indoor game, so it’s a nostalgia kick watching those guys. It’s also clear from the crowd’s reaction during introductions that the fans of Baltimore HATED San Diego.

    One of the unintended comedic moments in these end-times all-star games is the inevitable halftime interview where the commissioner tells us how the game is growing, fan interest is huge, and more want in on the act than ever before (expansion is imminent)!
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