Mossad chief: invasion has created a holy war

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    By Kim Sengupta and Kendah El-Ali

    09 November 2003

    A former chief of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, has accused the United States and Britain of lack of foresight over the Iraq invasion and warned of even greater violence unless the civic infrastructure is established quickly.

    Major General Danny Yatom said the presence of Western forces in Iraq has presented the opportunity for a holy war, or jihad, by Islamists in a country surrounded by Muslim neighbours...
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    Seriously dude, do you get tired of just starting absurd threads? Or is that the way you get your jollies?
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    Well, if this war is inevitable then let's get it over with. It's not going to be any easier fighting the Islamists 10-20 years down the road.
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    I think he has a point.....

    Look at it this way.... Before the invasion, it was a ruled dictatorship who was useless but firm against religion and reform...

    Now, i think that bush and blair took the step and risk what they might forsee, because they fought the war would be swift and easy...and it was! It was very much didn't even last 1 year of total campaign.......

    now that the war is offically over (but is comabt?), there is alot of things that are going wrong. Don't take it that way that it is wrong, because there is graduall and systemetic changes to Iraq being changed right now, but as for the time being there is still violence on the streets and that is a core issue that must be dealt with..... Iraq needs not only to be democratic, but a safe place for its citizens...if not, they just get more islamicer......

    As for the Islamist neighbours..who do they have?
    Syria?? They are Baathist like Saddam...and there next those Kok Sukkers.......

    Saudi Arabia? There American Ally....Prince Abdulla will take care of it, no?

    Iran? Bla Bla Bla!! Iran has issues...drug issues in there if they pending on sending militants to inflitrate and commit crimes in Iraq, then don't be damned if the CIA gets professioanl drug dealers to get the heroin/opium user population from 5 million to 8.5-9 million as it was before the afgan war!!!!

    Who else borders Iraq?? Azerbijan? The Caspian sea :)

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