Moratti could sell!

Discussion in 'Inter Milan' started by Cassano, Apr 13, 2006.

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    ya i was also reading today incase you guys are interested

    14/04/2006 08:22

    Moratti Ready To Step Down? The umpteenth disappointing season for Inter has left the Patron with no choice but to give up on the Nerazzurri.

    Massimo Moratti has almost surely decided to sell Inter at the end of the season for a price ranging between 350 and 400 million Euros.

    There are five possible buyers of the club: Marco Tronchetti Provera, Giorgio Armani, Leonardo Del Vecchio, Patrizio Bertelli and the Benetton.brothers, with the former being the favourite in case that Moratti decides to sell the club.

    In a recent interview, Massimo Moratti declared that if the right conditions were available, he would sell the club.

    “If there is anyone who buys, I will sell. My character does not contemplate forms of intrusiveness. If there is anyone else who can do better than I did, is convinced and has the will power to commit himself, why should I oppose myself?”

    Moratti has been heading the club for the past 11 years without much luck and only a few trophies to show. The Inter fans have recently shown their disapproval at the way he has worked in the past years for the few joys he has given them.
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    I am glad he is thinking about taking off. he is a nice guy and all but lads with his heart rather than his head. I think he sees it as his mission to emulate his father's era at inter but the way things look now that doesnt look like it is going to happen anytime soon.

    Thank you for the support Moratti but if there is any time to sell the club now is as good as any.

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