Moonbats Gather: Liberal Roost

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    Call Up the Troops, Then Clean the Grill
    Summer's Hottest Social Issue: The Supreme Court in Flux
    "It's like the Howard Dean days," says a lady who is standing over by the pool, eating a piece of sushi."\

    "The fall of '04 has cycled around again. Right after Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation announcement, abortion rights groups meeting in Nashville held a spontaneous rally where Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, found herself overwhelmed with "the huge outpouring of energy here." Ellen Malcolm, president of Emily's List, a group that promotes female, Democratic candidates who favor abortion rights, is organizing intense strategy lunches. People for the American Way has announced it will play a "leading role in opposing the president's nominee." Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) talks about "going to war." The troops have massed on the front lines again, refreshed and ready for battle. But what's the battle plan? At Fazio's party, guests get to say why they came. One talks about the nature of liberalism, another about being comfortable with yourself. They are drifting. "Folks, we really want to focus on the Supreme Court," Fazio reminds them for the second time."

    This Fazio leftist "runs his own media company." Let me guess: Liberal influence? Most definately! I wonder how much of these gatherings are on Soros' nickel?
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    Not sure how long that will remain up at flash8...some excerpts:


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