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    This match was by no means high level of play - just age. 3 referees was overkill - they didn't need any. Also was AR on a boys U19 premier match last year where we could have used AARs, a 4th and a VAR and it still wouldn't have been enough.
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    Count me in next time you have matches like that, the latter one like. It is always good to have some matches like those. As one of my buddies who is flight attendant constantly reminds me, boring is good, we dont need no excitement here. I do see your point.
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    Sounds like maybe stadium security could have been beefed up, and that still wouldn't have helped. :unsure:
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    Jun 22, 2017
    Lesser foul-count is understandable in girls-womens matches, for no other reason than the overall technical and tactical aspect of ball movement and control. How does this result in higher ratio of fouls/card?

    Here was my average from 2018 for U19 matches from the second half.

    Boys: 17 fouls / 2 yellow = 8.5 fouls/card
    Girls: 7 fouls / 1 yellow = 7 fouls/card​

    Perhaps you mean that the referee awards lesser number of fouls prior to issuing a yellow card sanction.

    In terms of money, the leagues got more reports from boys matches (yes, we must file yellow card reports). What was quite fascinating was in G19 matches, almost all the yellow card sanctions were C1 - SP or - TR.
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    Apr 15, 2017
    So the other day, I found fees for matches that were cancelled directly deposited in my account. Rather than feeling elated with all this extra manna from heaven so to speak, I feel disgusted. However, this is not as bad as when I find assignors shelling out bonus pay for positions that are not filled. These are the times I wonder, why do I hustle so, when on the field.
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    Ok, so that this doesn’t seem like we are all agreeing in silence, I will take a crack at it. Why do you object to you (or any referee) being paid for a cancelled match?

    Obviously there are nuances - how long ahead of time, was it part of a tournament, etc. - but I showed up for a HS game this week, along with only one of the teams, and then the present coach called home and found out that the other team was calling it off. I 100% expect to be paid for that game: my time has value - I could have been at another game, out with a friend, working my real job, etc.

    It’s not like anyone is out there trying to game the system and only signing up for games that they think are going to be canceled. It’s not your fault that game was canceled, and it shouldn’t be your loss either.

    And as others might say, it makes up for some of those games where there is no amount too big. :)
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    Dec 5, 2016
    This...There are always nuances. If I leave my house -- or work -- and head towards the field for the game then I do expect to get something. If the game is canceled the night before, especially if they cancel everything in the area due to weather, then I am not expecting any pay. I have gotten paid for HS games that were forfeited the day of, but I was still notified with several hours to spare.

    I did have a tournament once where I left my house at 5 am to drive several hours for my games. While I was driving they sent out emails to all of the refs saying the games were pushed back by several hours due to wet conditions. That put me into a situation where I couldn't ref and get back home in time for some family commitments...I had only signed up to ref the morning time slot. I explained this to them and they cut me loose, and paid me for two games (which probably just barely covered my mileage).
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    May 27, 2009
    In my area if a game is cancelled with advance notice to referees, no pay. This can be as little as an hour before the match, although in practice it's almost always a couple hours or more. If there is no advance notice and you show up, full pay regardless of how many minutes are played. Once in a while you end up waiting out a weather delay then finishing a match, and there is no extra pay for that. Local youth leagues are not something you do just for money.
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    May 3, 2012
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    South Texas Youth Soccer Association has the policy that if you are at a field and the game is canceled, you get paid for that game. If weather kills the rest of the day, you get paid for the game you are there for and the next time slot.

    Adults pays in cash, so you get that money ASAP because if you don't and one team doesn't have enough players, then you need to try to get that team to cut you a check later and it can take months.
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    Each league/association is different here in Central New York so I don't know them all off the top of my head. I do look them up during each season. During our high school season, if you are given advanced notice, you don't get paid. If you are at the field and the game is cancelled before it begins, you get 1/2 fee. If the game is starts but it is not able to resume, you get the full fee.

    Several years ago, I had a girls JV game on the last day of the season. New York State regulations said that you couldn't play after a certain date type of thing. I got to the field and there was standing water in the middle of the field from penalty area to penalty area. You would put the ball done and it would start to float away. There was no way that the game could be played. But since this is high school soccer, it is the school's decision on whether to play until the game begins. The home school AD insisted that the game be played because it was the last day of the season. I tried to convince her that it wasn't safe, but that didn't work. I tried to convince her that if we called the game before kickoff, she would only have to pay me 1/2 fee and save the school money. However, she kept insisting that it be played. My partner and I did end up starting the game. As soon as the ball was kicked off, we ended the game. The school had to pay us the full fee for 1 second of work!
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    Oct 9, 2018
    Oh the joys of politics. The AD probably figured paying you the full fee was worth the trade-off between having to tell the teams/parents/school that "I (the AD) cancelled the game" and "the referees decided to end the game."
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    Apr 15, 2017
    Thanks for taking a crack, my response was trying to keep in line with the thread topic. You may be on to something - I must re-examine, mostly, it is a behavioural tradeoff, on my part. It is not that it is a smelly sock in the kit-bag, and definitely not a dead vole behind the oven kind of disgust level.

    What you mention I have seen personally, many times. Assignors getting paid assigning fees from whoever, and then they take a percentage from referees, for, yes, the assignment. I have assignors in tournaments tell me at the field the game is cancelled, said assignor having already recd the referee fees from the organisers. I also know of referees who having had cancelled matches in one league take on matches in another, essentially, double-dipping. I know all these people personally, and have worked with them over the years. Many matches still not paid (a couple of leagues folded), several others not paid properly (either number of matches or match fees). These situations are probably similar to experiences of others on this forum, so nothing novel there either.

    Perhaps it is me trying to reason with the fellow in the mirror why I have money for work not done. In the interests of balance, it is now donated, so lif'e has become good again. Now if only the kids stop flicking their chewed gum on our kit-bags while they wait for substitution, life will be better.
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    Yeah but I hate it even more when they flick it at the 4O. :mad:

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